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Dota 2: Best Hard Carry Recommendation

There are so many Heroes Carry in Dota 2. There are  3 types of Heroes Carry in Dota 2, they are: Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. Unfortunately, the Hero Intelligence category is less than the other two types. Nevertheless, the majority of the terrible carry comes from this type of Hero.

The role of the Carry in the game is crucial. Without a carry, the team composition will be unorganized. Moreover, the vacancy of this role will make the team’s attack power very minimal. Therefore, the selection of Hero Carry must be chosen as detailed as possible so that you don’t make mistakes during the match.

Best Hard Carry Dota 2

Anti Mage

anti mage dota 2

Anti Mage is an agility Hero to watch out for. This hero is a late game, so don’t make Anti Mage free to farm so easily because it can be dangerous.

Anti Mage’s skills and ultimate are the favorite for the players because they are very deadly. The Anti Mage skill can move places through the Blink skill in any direction according to the player’s wishes. In addition, hits from Anti Mage can make Mana drain slowly. This will make the opponent unable to issue skills and ultimately make it easier for teammates to eradicate the enemy.

A short story of Anti Mage:

Many may not know about Anti-Mage’s background as a hermit. Actually, this witch hater was not considered a monk. It became a servant at a temple called Turstakuri. This is why you won’t find the name “Magina”. It is because in Dota 2, we call it Anti-Mage. The teacher and his friends were killed by the Legion of the Dead God troops who stormed the monks’ holy place.

It is not yet clear what the purpose of the Legion of the Dead God is to attack the Turstakuri Temple. Seeing that the young Anti-Mage was not yet a threat, the death squad then raised him as an assassin. This is why you can see the Anti-Mage has tattoos all over his body. Thanks to the monks’ parchment scrolls, Anti-Mage can also learn knowledge that allows him to counteract magic power.

Phantom Assassin

phantom assassin dota 2

If you realize, most of the use of Phantom Assassin depend on the luck of the players. It is because of his critical attack effect cannot be predicted.However, if once the fatal attack comes out, it’s not difficult for him to kill the enemy in an instant.

Ultimate from Phantom Assassin is passive but very deadly when the critical comes out. Critical damage that can be given is 200% to 450%! Imagine if this much damage hit thin heroes like support.

Faceless Void

faceless void dota 2

Faceless Void requires farming at the start. Therefore, his ability is less able to impact the laning phase. When you’re out of the forest, don’t expect you to escape from his trap.

There is a big note when you want to take advantage of Faceless Void’s abilities in matches, especially in its ultimate. Both teammates and enemies can be stunned if they are inside the dome. Therefore, the use of his skills must be with good calculations. Don’t be careless because it can be detrimental to your own team.

A short guidance of Faceless Void:

Faceless Void has a fairly flexible selection of items. If you find an easy lane and farm, you can start with Hand of Midas, especially if you are going to continue farming. But if you want to play more actively and need additional sustain, you can buy Mask of Madness first.

Monkey King Bar is one of the main items which is quite ideal for this hero. Apart from providing great attack speed and damage, the Pierce item effect can also complement Time Lock. After that you will usually need BKB in order to be able to hit your opponent freely while in Chronosphere. After that, buy luxury or optional items, whether it’s Satanic or Assault Cuirass for additional sustain, Butterfly or Moon Shard for greater damage, or even Manta Style.


medusa dota 2

Medusa needs some damage items to continue her game in the early game to the late game. Damage from Medusa is out of control when it becomes an Eye of Skadi or Butterfly item.

Moreover, Medusa has very high resistance thanks to her passive. This skill will increase defense because it has an aura depending on the amount of Mana it has. This is what makes Medusa so unsettling in the late game. If the moment is right, this Hero can fight two to three enemies at once.

A short story of Medusa:

Medusa is told as the youngest daughter of three siblings. The Gorgon sister who became the ruler of the sea is said to have a very beautiful face. Medusa has the most beautiful face among the three sisters.

The sea goddess who became the mother of Medusa let go of eternal life from her youngest daughter. In this way, Medusa is a mortal who could die one day. His two sisters actually suffered because they were captured by a mysterious mob. Seeing that Medusa didn’t have any strength, they let her go.


spectre dota 2

Specter becomes a deadly hero when he enters the late game and has become a mandatory item, such as Radiance or Manta Style. With just those two items, the Specter becomes a match. That’s what makes Specter a Hero with a very high win rate.

A short story of Spectre:

Specter is a title that suggests that this Hero is a ghost in the Dota 2 universe. If you only think of Specter as a ghost of a curious dead soul, then there’s nothing special. In fact, the Specter is the ghost of every soul in the Dota 2 universe from all existing dimensions. You can see this from Ultimate Specter’s ability, Haunt, which can be directly used to cast illusions to chase every enemy Hero. This ability indicates that the Specter is very close to other heroes, aka haunting them.

Of all the heroes in Dota 2, maybe Specter has a very dark design. Unlike the demons who hint at aggressive horror, Specters are full of mystery. This is why this Hero has a very strange and confusing voice over. This hero indeed departs from a lonely and lost spirit.