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Arena of Valor: The Most Beautiful and Deadliest Heroes

Not only male heroes who are dashing and strong, Arena of Valor also presents female heroes who are no less tough and deadly. In the following, we have a row of female heroes in the Arena of Valor that players can use in the battle arena. Who do you think is the best female hero?


airi aov

Airi is a warrior type hero who looks like a ninja. Her presence is still relatively new in the Arena of Valor. However, her ability to swing a sword with a very large attack is tough enough to fight against enemies.


This beautiful hero who is a bright and mage-type incarnation has also recently joined the ranks of Arena of Valor heroes. Ilumia has the ability to be good enough to damage enemies and attack from a distance. Ilumia also doesn’t have a cooldown effect so players who use this hero can carry out attacks more quickly.


veera aov

Veera is present as a hero mage with a large burst of lethal damage to weaken enemy defenses. Her appearance that looks like a queen of bats represents one of her skills, namely summoning hell bats that are ready to launch magic damage to all enemies in its path.

One of Veera’s most deadly skills is Mesmerize which is a blow of a kiss that can make the enemy lose energy and be unable to move for a few seconds.


In the form of a beautiful and cute fairy, Krixi is not a weak hero who can’t be relied on. On the other hand, Krixi has various deadly skills to kill enemies and help the team win.

This mage-type hero can deal considerable magic damage to enemies with the Mischief skill he has. Krixi can also summon a meteor shower that damages the surrounding area and causes magic damage to enemies hit by a meteor shower up to 4 times.


payna aov

As a hero who acts as support, Payna has abilities that cannot be underestimated. Payna’s deadliest attack is Forest Sentry where he can summon an eagle to attack enemies and cause massive magic damage to enemies. Payna also has the ability to restore HP for herself and friends around her.


Violet is one of the favorite Archer heroes in the Arena of Valor. Violet uses a gun to attack enemies with deadly agility and damage. Players who can master this hero will perfectly carry out attacks on enemies with dangerous attack speed and skills.

Diao Chan

Diao Chan is one of the Arena of Valor heroes who has a very beautiful face. Not only beautiful, this mage type hero also has physical attacks that are painful for the enemy. Diao Chan is even able to freeze enemies and deal considerable damage. His presence in the battle arena is very powerful for the team to win.


natalya aov

This beautiful and sexy magic queen comes with various skills that can kill enemies. As an assassin type hero, Natalya is quite the favorite of players because of her ability to deal deadly damage to enemies. Natalya is also able to slow down the enemy’s movement speed for 1.5 seconds with her Arcane Nova skill.


Tiny, cute, and cute are the characteristics of a support hero named Alice. Even though she’s small, it doesn’t mean that Alice can be defeated just like that because she has a skill that can make enemies run away.

This hero uses the power of the sun to deal great magic damage to enemies. He can also help teammates with the Friendship skill which can absorb damage and increase speed by up to 30% for 2 seconds.


Mina is famous as the Queen of Death in the Arena of Valor. As a Tanker hero, Mina has excellent protection and attack abilities. Its presence in the battle arena is needed by a team because of its crowd control skills and the ability to deal enormous damage to enemies.