best ,mage MLBB
best ,mage MLBB

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Best Mage Recommendation

When playing Mobile Legends, you will feel like you are in a forest in which there are various animals and plants. On this occasion, we will focus on one of the destroyer hero roles: Mage. As the name implies, a mage hero is a hero who can deal magic damage. Just like what you have in mind, the hero Mage is synonymous with everything related to magicians and powerful supernatural beings.


yve MLBB

His nickname is poke hero. At this moment he is the strongest poke hero there is. Yve is a Mage hero who has deadly skills and can be considered quite troublesome for enemies. Apart from that, Yve also has a fairly large area of damage. As a Mage, using Yve will be a huge advantage for players. This is because Yve will deal damage on a large scale.

What’s even more extraordinary, Yve’s Ultimate really can cover a very wide area. This ulti will cover almost half of your gadget’s screen when you activate it. For players who like using Pharsa, it can be guaranteed that they will also like Yve. This is because both of them have almost the same playing style.

Yve has a long Ultimate skill duration and can cover a very wide area. More than that, when he has complete equipment, this one hero will be very deadly. Yve is also very good at her crowd control skill. Basically, he has innate invulnerability which will make him very hard to kill.


valentina mlbb

What’s most interesting about Valentina is that she can very well imitate her opponent’s skills. This is a strong reason that will make Valentina very difficult to stop. When dealing with Valentina, you will feel like you are fighting yourself. Of course that would be very annoying. What’s worse, when you have chosen a hero with the most powerful skill, he will also imitate the ultimate skill.

Some of the explanations above are the reasons why Valentina is often banned at higher tiers.


lylia mlbb

If you can play Lylia with the right strategy, then this one hero can be very deadly for her opponents. Lylia can use a combination of her skills to finish off enemies and destroy them. He will leave lots of weapon traps around the battle area that will make his opponent feel difficult. Lylia has an ulti that will restore all her lost HP during the fight. Apart from that, he also has an excellent escape mechanism when he is in a precarious situation.


cecilion mlbb

It is undeniable that Cecilion is one of the top mage heroes at the moment. He has great damage and the ability to attack opponents from a distance. That means, he can be in a safe position while dealing lethal damage to his enemies. Besides that, Cecilion would be very useful in destroying the opposing team’s formation. This is because he has a crowd control skill that can make opponents feel very irritated.


chang'e mlbb

Chang’e is a Mage hero with a range of skills that make him very tough and invincible. Chang’e is very often used at higher rank tiers. That means, Chang’e is one of the heroes who can deal great damage and is very helpful in the team’s victory. Chang’e’s passive skill really helped her when she activated her second skill. Besides that, Chang’e also has an ulti skill that can make him wipe out enemies using his meteor sprinkling.


eudora mlbb

Eudora is known as a hero who looks trivial but is deadly. Even though its size is quite small, the resulting attack will not be easy to avoid. So, what players have to do is use it in the right and proper way.

Eudora uses several different types of magic attacks when attacking enemies. For example, he will use his combo skill to frighten the enemy. The most important thing to pay attention to is to keep your distance and don’t be easily lured by bait given by the enemy. Also, it is not recommended to stay out of reach of your teammates.


alice mlbb

Alice is a hero mage to be reckoned with considering her almost unlimited ultimate skills. When he has activated the ultimate skill, he really becomes an unstoppable hero. When the blood ball is at its maximum state, it is certain that the fight will end in his hands.

Besides that, Alice is also very talented at escaping from enemy attacks due to her first skill. His first skill allows him to teleport from one place to another. This of course will be very annoying for the enemy who is trying to catch him.


vale mlbb

Vale is very popular because he has damage abilities and is a strong killing weapon for the team. Apart from that, Vale is also very flexible and easy to play. That is the reason why many players often choose it. Both players at ordinary to pro levels.

When at a certain level, players can increase their crowd control skills or their enormous damage abilities. If executed in the right and proper way, it will be very possible if Vale becomes the deadliest murder weapon in your team. So, when using it, you have to make sure to strategize very carefully.


lunox mlbb

With just one skill, Lunox can easily destroy enemy HP. In addition, he is also very difficult to stop. Lunox has become very popular among Mage lovers because of her Ulti skills. He can turn very deadly while staying in close proximity to his enemies. Besides that, the combo skill also makes Lunox a versatile Hero. Players have to practice a lot to get used to Lunox’s skills. More than that, players are also required to pay close attention to the map.


kagura mlbb

The most unfortunate thing about Kagura is the complexity of playing it. Players will find some difficulties playing with Kagura. His skills require players to think quickly and responsively. This is so he can execute the enemy properly. Kagura’s golden age was during the Late Game. He can be a hero who will bring his team to victory.