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Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Tank Recommendation 2023

In the Mobile Legends Game, maybe you will idolize heroes like Assassin, Fighter, and Marksman. But, do you know that Hero Tanks also have a very important role in the team? A tank can be a determining factor for victory in the game. It is because you can rely on them to withstand, protect, and disrupt. Moreover, they can also return attacks from enemies.

A tanker player must have the ability to make the right decisions. It is because tankers have quite an important role in gameplay. Starting from guarding the hero core, holding back attacks, and opening wars. Just a little small mistake, can make the team feel depressed.

Hero Tank must be the leading hero in various circumstances. For example, being the protector of a team, and blocking attacks from the opponent. Use a tank hero who has the ability to survive, and try to keep the tank guarding the heroes that need to be protected such as Marksman, etc.

Best Tank Recommendation for MLBB


Currently Khufra is still a very popular Tank hero among Mobile Legends players, players are aware of his abilities, therefore if this Hero is off the banned list then we can be sure this hero will become an auto pick hero either from the opponent or from the enemy. your teammates.

Khufra is a tank Hero who has a myriad of Crowd Control Skills that can make opposing hero units overwhelmed when facing him. Khufra is the perfect counter for Assassin heroes who have high mobility, such as Fanny, Lancelot, Gusion and many others, so it’s only fitting that the hero This is used as a mainstay tank as a team protector.

Even with the Tank role, Kufra has quite a lot of damage and extraordinary Crowd Control skills. Because of this advantage, Kufra is very suitable to be an initiator in a team fight. Kufra is a natural enemy for agile heroes like Fanny, Harith, Lancelot, and other heroes.

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Hylos is a hero who has a very large amount of durability and HP. His passive can increase the amount of HP according to the amount of Mana in Hylos. In other words, the more Mana in Hylos the thicker the HP it has. Therefore, it’s no wonder that he becomes very hard to kill.

Apart from having a very strong defense, Hylos also has a very qualified Skill Set to protect the Core he is guarding. This skill set can also initiate when a team fight is about to be carried out. As a tank, the resulting damage is not half-hearted. Only by relying on his 2nd Skill, Hylos is very capable of making the Core Dying hero. Worse, if this hero is paired with the Revitalize Spell, it will be very difficult to kill Hylos even if he is beaten up.

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Even though he’s still new, Atlas is a very strong and difficult tank hero in Mobile Legends. This tank, which is equipped with Crowd Control capabilities, plays an important role when conducting a team war in the middle of a match. In fact, Atlas has a very fast Movement Speed and can also stun him through his 2 skills.

Atlas is a very troublesome Hero, especially when war occurs. Atlas can catch more than one hero near him. This moment will be very crucial, especially since Atlas can catch the opponent’s Hero Core. With his abilities, this hero is very feared, both from Epic to Mythic tears.

atlas mlbb


Lolita is a cute and tiny Tanker. However, in reality he is a Tank hero that you cannot underestimate. Despite his cute and tiny appearance, this hero has a very strong defense as a Tank and Support Specialist. As Support, Lolita is capable enough to protect her teammates from any attacks directed at them. Using her Shield, as a Tank Lolita is strong enough to be in the front row as a living shield to protect her teammates.

Not only fixated on her Durability, Lolita is a hero who has a myriad of abilities. Among them is the stun effect that this hero has. This effect made him so troublesome. The thing her opponents hate the most is that Lolita is able to withstand almost all Marksman attacks using only the Shield she carries. So it’s no wonder that lolita is often referred to as the natural counter of Marksman.

lolita mlbb


Jhonson is a tank hero who has a very strong defense and shield specializing in Crowd Control and initiators. Jhonson is able to open battles and affect enemies in one area. Plus, his toughness as a tank in the hands of reliable player Johnson is actually able to get kills like Hero Marksman or Assassin.

This tank is very feared because the skills it has can be comboed with its teammates. This can be inconvenient for enemies, especially those roaming alone. This tanker is perfect for holding your body and ganking thanks to passive and ultimate skills.

The hero who is usually nicknamed Transformer is quite in demand by Mobile Legends players. His ability to change shape into a car, allows him to roam very quickly. This is what makes the enemy anxious because it is very difficult to predict from which direction Johnson will come to give a surprise attack.

Apart from the roaming ability which covers the entire map very quickly, the damage from the collision cannot be underestimated. With the right combo and in the hands of a reliable driver, Johnson will be very scary and make the enemy wary. Because at any moment Johnson could come crashing into them when they weren’t paying attention.

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At this time Gatotkaca got a Revamp on his skills. Now he has transformed into a Tanker who is very flexible when doing laning. This is because his passive and active skills will be more useful if he is positioned as an Offlaner hero in the team.

Putting this hero in Offlane’s position is the right choice. The reason is, apart from the short cooldown of this hero, he also has a strong defense. Gatotkaca also has a very deadly attack. With these advantages, he will be able to be positioned anywhere, be it as an Offlaner or as a Tanker in your team.

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