rank list mobile legends bang bang
rank list mobile legends bang bang

Rank List for Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a game that was released with a rank order system that makes it more competitive. With the rank order, players can be more enthusiastic about fighting enemies and completing other missions.

The rank order of Mobile Legends itself is made by having several levels. This level is adjusted to the competence and performance of the players in their contribution to the team during the match.

Of course, the ranking order can only apply to matches in ranked mode. To achieve various rankings, players need to play ranked matches frequently.

You can see this review if you are curious about the various Mobile Legends ranks. The following is the rank order of Mobile Legends that you can use as a guide, starting from the lowest to the highest.

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Rank List for Mobile Legends

This rank shows the player’s skill level and experience in playing Mobile Legends. The higher the ranking, the more difficult the competition and the higher the skill level required to win the match.

A player can go to a higher ranking by winning matches and improving their performance in each match. Players need to reach certain points in order to advance to the next rank.

Rank Warrior

rank warrior

The Warrior rating is the initial level that players will have when playing ML for the first time in ranked mode. Warrior itself is divided into a number of levels, namely Warrior I, Warrior II, to Warrior III.

If you are still at this rank and experience defeat, then the star you have will not disappear. The types of gifts that will be obtained if you play at Warrior rank include Premium Skin Fragments, 100 tickets, up to 1000 battle points. Players can climb the next rank by collecting three stars.

In addition, you will be able to reach this rank when you have passed level 8 and have purchased 5 heroes. Usually, players who can reach this rank have the potential to reach a higher rank, but still have to improve their abilities.

Rank Elite

Not much different, the Elite rank also has three levels, namely Elite III to Elite I. By playing at this rank, players can get several prizes, such as 200 tickets, 2000 battle points, up to 3 premium skin fragments. However, if a player loses while at Elite rank, the star will decrease.

Elite rank is between warrior rank and master rank. Of course, players at the Elite rank have more abilities than players at the warrior rank. To get a position in the Elite rank, players are required to win every match and get enough points. In this case, each match will result in a different point rank depending on the player’s own performance.

Rank Master

Master Rank is made by having four levels, namely Master IV, III, II, and Master I. If you want to reach a higher level, players must have four stars. Apart from that, players can get gifts in the form of exclusive skins, 300 ML tickets, and 4000 battle points. It is at this rank that your skills as a player will really be tested. Because what is being fought is not bots or machines but real players.

Rank Grandmaster

Grandmaster has five levels, starting from Grandmaster V to I. Later players must have 5 stars if they want to be at the next level. If you win the game, you will get an exclusive skin prize, 600 tickets, up to 7000 battle points.

As the name implies, this is an advanced rank from the master. Because this is an advanced rank, you will meet players who are starting to become reliable. In fact, many of the players at this rank already have strong heroes who are ready to crush them if they are not ready. Apart from that, there will be many novice players who have reached Epic rank, dropping levels and returning to Grandmaster rank.

Rank Epic

Do you want to play the Mobile Legends game in the style of an e-sports pro player? This rank presents such an experience. At this rank, you must determine 2 heroes to be banned, counter pick and work with the team to strategize with selected heroes.

Epic Ranks give players the opportunity to choose heroes to fight enemies. So, later it will go through the Draft Pick Hero. It is at this rank that players must start carefully to choose a hero. Because, your opponent can also be banned by the hero you have chosen.

Epic itself has five levels, such as Epic V, IV, III, II, and I. If you want to level up, players must collect at least five stars. The prizes that can be brought home are exclusive skins, 1000 tickets, and 12000 battle points.

Rank Legend

rank legend

Legend is a rank that many pro players inhabit. In this ranking, players will pay more attention to strategies for playing and winning for the team. Therefore, the Legend rank is considered very competitive for Mobile Legends players.

Not only skill, mentality will really be tested at this rank. Because apart from meeting pro players, you will also play with those who are tough. Legend ranks are the second highest rank in Mobile Legends, and must go through Legend V to Legend I by collecting five stars to level up.

The Legend rank has five levels which will start from Legend V to I. If the player wants to go to the next level, then he must have five stars on each level. The prizes that players will get at this rank are 1500 tickets, 20000 battle points, and exclusive skins.

Rank Mythic

So, this one is the highest rank in the Mobile Legends game. Of course the members are professional players. Here, no longer collecting stars. But struggling with Mythic Points which will decrease if you lose.

Mythic is one of the ranks that many players are after. This rank has five levels that can be achieved, starting from Mythic V, IV, III, II, to I. For players who have just reached this rank, they will be in a Placement Match or Mythic Grading.

In the Mythic ranking, players must compete in 10 matches in order to get a starting place here. If the player wins the match, 9 to 10 points will be awarded. Well, those points will be used to determine your level. In addition, there are prizes that can be obtained at this rank, such as a special Mythic expression and 20,000 battle points. If the player loses, the existing points will be deducted.

Glorious Mythic

Mythical Glory is the highest rank that can be achieved by players in Mobile Legends. Usually, this is where the top global players and other pro players will gather. Of course it becomes more challenging and difficult if you are already at the Mythical Glory level.