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Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Build Guide for Claude

Hero Claude Mobile Legend, who has a monkey partner named Dexter, turns out to have extraordinary fighting potential, especially if the players know what the build potential and skills of this one hero are. For those of you who are interested in using this one hero, you should read the following review in full.

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Skill Claude

Battle Side by Side – Passive

As previously mentioned Hero Claude has a monkey partner named Dexter. Where this partner is useful in assisting the attack. In every basic attack, Claude will give 2 times the damage.

Besides that, when Claude attacks, Dexter will also attack, the resulting damage is around 35% of Claude’s Basic attack itself.

Art of Thievery – Skill 1

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Art of Thievery is Claude Mobile Legend skills, we will discuss the following. Including one of the important skills for Claude, where this skill has a certain area that you can direct. When the skill hits the target, Claude will give 160 Physical Damage to the opponent, and be able to reduce movement speed by around 20% and attack speed by around 10%.

When Claude uses this skill, then Claude will get a movement speed of around 3.5% and an attack speed of around 6 seconds per 1 stack. In addition, every time Claude uses this skill 1, a stack indicator will also appear, which can reach a maximum of around 10 stacks. If within 6 seconds he is unable to absorb the stack, then the stack will disappear, then Claude’s attack speed and movement speed will return to normal.

In addition, when using skill 1, 1 enemy hero unit, which consists of Lord & Turtle, Jungle Monster, will immediately give 2 stacks per unit. Whereas minions will give 1 stack per unit. This acquisition will of course be very important, when you use Claude’s hero. This time you can maintain the Stack, so Claude can gain and increase movement speed and also attack speed on an ongoing basis.

Battle Mirror Image – Skill 2

This second skill has a fairly wide area coverage, especially for placing Dexter’s projection. Where Dexter will attack opponents who enter the radius. By giving 35% Damage from Claude’s Basic Attack itself.

What’s interesting after using skill 2, you can immediately use it again, and it will immediately switch places with Dexter’s projection. But after using skill 2 for 2 times, a cooldown will appear for 3 seconds. When it has finished, you can use the skill again.

It’s good if you are wise in using the second skill, don’t use skills for things that are not useful.

Blazing Duet – Ultimate Skill

This is a skill area, for Claude to move around while shooting randomly. If the opponent is in the skill area, he can accept physical damage of 80 (+ 15% Physical Attack) in each shot. When using this one skill, Claude will also get a shield that can absorb 20 (+ 3% Total Physical Attack).

The faster the attack speed that Claude gets, the greater the damage that Skill 3 Ultimate will do.

Best Combo Claude

The use of Combo Hero is important. So make sure when using Claude, have 10 Stacks from skill 1, then use skill 2, and continue to Skill 3 Ultimate. If there are enemies left, then you can use skill 1 and do a basic attack.

So the sequence of using Claude’s skills is to collect stacks from skill 1, until you collect 10 Stacks, then use skill 2 for team fights, and finally use skill 3 ultimate.

Build Guide for Claude MLBB

claude best build

Raptor Machete

This will be an item that can cause relatively high damage from Caude, even if you use it in the early game. Because this one item will provide high true damage, and is also perfect for fast farming and leveling.

Magic Shoes / Demon Shoes

It can be said to be optimal, but when using these Magic Shoes, Claude will get 10% cooldown reduction and 4% movement speed, even though this usage is actually quite wasteful.

Meanwhile, when using Demon Shoes, Claude will gain 40% movement speed, as well as recover around 10% HP, or even restore about 4% mana.

Demon Hunter Sword

The use of this one weapon will provide quite high damage to the opponent. That’s why this item is one of the best Claude Mobile Legend builds that you need to have. In addition, this tool is also able to provide additional attack speed and physical attack, as well as increase Damage per Second for Claude which is quite large.

Golden Staff

By using this item, Claude’s DPS or Damage per second level will also be higher, and he is even able to maximize the extra damage effect of the Demon Hunter Sword.

Malefic Roar

Has an additional +60 Physical Attack and also 40% physical penetration. Apart from that, this item is also suitable for fighting enemy tanks. This one item is also capable of dealing high damage, even to heroes or fighters who have thick defenses.