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Everybody knows that Arena of Valor is a MOBA game that allows the players to guide the character to fight against the enemy’s central territory and become the winner in a fierce battle. Seems like the other MOBA game, Arena of Valor requires you to choose a character or hero by considering the ability of that character. Besides, the way to play this game is also very simple. When you enter the game, you will be guided by the system to do anything which is needed to play Arena of Valor.

According to the brief information about Arena of Valor, of course, this game has got popularity in many countries. Everybody wants to play this game on their mobile phone. So now, here we are going to discuss the way to download this game to your mobile phone, in this case, android.

Download Arena of Valor for Android

Almost everyone uses android in daily life. That is why it is really important to give this information to those android users about how to get Arena of Valor for their Android. Here you will get the link to get it.

arena of valor for android

Download Arena of Valor for Android

Download => Link…

After you clicked this link, you will get Arena of Valor for your Android. Your Android system will automatically install the application to your phone.

Short History of Arena of Valor

This game is released for platform iOS and android on November 26th, 2015. In addition, this game is almost the same with League of Legend which is produced by Riot Games, a company owned by Tencent. On November 2016, AoV get the highest position in Top 10 popular games.

Moreover, on 2016, this game has more than 50 million active users and more than 200 million registered users. On May 2017, it became the highest grossing mobile game in the world.

Unfortunately, because of some cases of Arena of Valor towards the teenagers in China, this game got a very bad reputation. Because of these facts, it was reported that Tencent suffered a loss of $14 billion or 4.1% on the Hong Kong Exchange.

In July 2017, Arena of Valor gave a limitation of playtime for children under the age of 12 to one hour per day. Children aged 12 to 18 will be limited to two hours of play time per day. Players under 12 years old will also be prohibited from playing the game after 9 pm.

The Other Names for Arena of Valor

Interestingly, AoV or Arena of Valor has different name in different country. Each country has their own way to call this game. Here the other names for Arena of Valor in several countries:

arena of valor

  • Strike of Kings (Eropa)
  •  Honour of Kings (Tiongkok),
  •  Penta Storm (Korea Selatan),
  •  Legendary Showdown (Taiwan),
  •  Lien Quan (Vietnam),
  •  Mobile Arena(Indonesia),
  •  Realm of Valor (Thailand)

How to Play Arena of Valor in Android

  1. First, make sure your smartphone has a minimum RAM specification of 1GB. In order to play with Full HD graphics, you should use a smartphone with at least 2GB of RAM.
  2. Next, select a server. Meanwhile, the local server available is only Baratayuda. But it’s impossible that Garena will provide another server.
  3. Then, complete the Training at the beginning of the game. This is useful so that you know how to control the Hero Arena of Valor (AOV) and also the skills it has.
  4. If you have finished training, you can start playing in various Match modes in the Arena of Valor. There are Quick Matches, Ranked Matches (open at a certain level and a certain number of Heroes) and also Custom Matches.
  5. In PvP mode there are many matches that you can take part in. Each Match has its own character and advantages.
  6. The rest, you just have to battle like MOBA games in general. You can start choosing heroes, attributes, and supporting items to strengthen you during Battle, which can be obtained as usual.

Item Attack (Arena of Valor)

Blitz Blade

In every 4 seconds, the next basic attack will activate the chain lightning effect around the enemy and will cause magic damage. Every basic attack that is launched will reduce the cool down of this effect by one second.

Blitz Blade will make it easier for you to clean up creep waves because the chain lightning effect hits every enemy in the attack area. That’s why Blitz Blade is a core item for several Archer heroes who can only attack one target with their basic attacks.

Bow of Slaughter

When this item is activated, the hero will get a life steal effect of 90% for 3 seconds. The active effect of this item can be used again after 60 seconds and can only be used by heroes who can attack from a distance.

The only active item in item attack. This item is not a favorite item because its use is practically useless in the game. In addition, this item is also limited only to Archers. Items are usually purchased in the late game to complete the last item slot.

Claves Sancti

When a hero issues a critical attack, the hero will get additional movement speed for two seconds. However, this effect will only appear for heroes who can attack from afar.

The only attack item that provides additional critical damage. This item is a favorite item for heroes who are familiar with critical like Quillen and Wukong. This item is also often a core item for several Archers who use attack speed as their attack weapon.

Devil’s Handshake

Every normal attack that is launched, the hero will get an additional 10% attack speed for two seconds. This effect can stack up to 5 times.

Devil’s Handshake is a core item for heroes who use basic attacks as their attacks. This item is also very synergistic with items that can cause critical and effects from Blitz Blade because of the super attack speed it gives.

Fafnir’s Talon

Every normal attack that is launched will provide additional damage according to 8% of the enemy’s HP.

One of the anti-tank items where each of your attacks will have additional damage according to the amount of HP the enemy has. This means that no matter how much HP the enemy has, the additional damage he receives will be the same. But you need to know that the additional damage is still reduced by the enemy’s armor.