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Introduction to Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game made for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. Before it was published, AoV was known as the Honor of Kings and was made for the Chinese market. Only in 2017, Garena participated in marketing this game for the Southeast Asian market.

According to the way we play it, AoV is similar to League of Legends, which is 5 against 5. Players can control heroes with different abilities. These heroes can also be equipped with items. Players start the game from the lowest level and can earn gold in various ways.

AoV heroes can kill other characters, such as minions and monsters, to get gold. After that, they can kill the opponent and destroy the turret. With the higher level of a player, he can unlock new skills that make his hero even more powerful.

There are several playing modes in AoV and all of them can be played. You can play 5 vs 5 in Ranked or Grand Battle, 1 vs 1 in Black City, and play races in Duo-race mode, up to 10 vs 10 Mayhem Mode. So, in AoV you can play many games, not just 5 vs 5.

arena of valor

9 Ranks Level in Arena of Valor


The first AOV rank is Bronze. This rank includes the level of newbies who have just played the AOV game. on  the other words, we can say that this rank is the first step that will be played by the players who never play this game before. Because of that, it is recommended that at this rank only focus on researching all existing heroes, maps, and skills.


arena of valor download

At this rank, most players are still beginners too, but already know the basics of the game. This rank may still be easy. If you have previous experience playing other MOBA games, you can usually switch from Bronze to Silver quickly.


At this rank, almost all of the players  have known the way to play this game. They also have known how to see the map, understand the way to use the characters. However, the players in this rank still cannot understand about the strategy. Therefore, you should learn more about the strategy.


At this rank, players have been much better than the Gold rank.  Players can use defensive and attacking skills well in this rank.

Almost the whole players are proficient in this rank. Start from this rank, you have to pass the five tiers to continue the next rank.


This Rank is  in the middle position. However, only the good players who can reach this rank. Team work is the most important thing in this rank.


This is on of the highest rank in this game. In addition, this is also the new rank which is added in the 11th season.


Actually, this is the highest level of AoV, but here, Arena of Valor give the players additional ranks. They are legendary and eternal legendary.

To pass this level, you have to get 50 stars.


After you get 50 stars. Players automatically get the legendary rank. Usually, the players in this game is a content creator or professional gamers.

Eternal Legendary

This rank is different from the other ranks. This rank will only be filled by Top 50 Players. Therefore, you should play this game frequently, to stay in this rank.

Link Download Arena of Valor for iOS

Actually, to download this MOBA game, you can visit the Google Play Store for Android, the App Store for iOS, as well as on Nintendo’s official website. However, to make it easier for you to download, here, we give you a link to download Arena of Valor for iOS:

download => Link

How to Install  Arena of Valor

If you don’t know how to install the AoV game, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Search for AoV on the Google Play Store, App Store, or Nintendo Store.
  2. Download the file.
  3. Connect your phone to  the internet.
  4. Once the download is complete, the AoV icon will appear.
  5. Click the icon.
  6. Fill in your bio.
  7. Done. You can already play AoV.

Several Tips to Play this Game

Now you can play the Arena of Valor game. If you always lose, don’t immediately blame your teammates, ok? Maybe you are not good at it or you still need to adapt. So, so you can play better, here are tips for playing AoV for beginners.

Pay attention to the mini-map

Yes, playing MOBA games means knowing your friends and the map. Therefore, paying attention to the small map on the top left of the screen is important. By looking at the map, you will know where your friends are and the enemy’s movements.

Use strong heroes

The next tip for playing AoV is to choose a strong hero. Because in every patch or update there are a number of heroes who experience nerfs or buffs. Avoid using heroes who experience a lot of nerf, but use heroes who are buffed a lot.

Learn the items

Yes, learning items in AoV has an important role in your success using a hero. Because once you know and understand about items, heroes who aren’t OP can perform well. You might even be the one carrying the game.

So, that’s all you need to know about Arena of Valor. Starting from the game, how to download, how to install, to tips for playing it. Therefore, this article can help you to be able to play the game even better.