Yasuo Build Guide, League of Legends: Wild Rift Champions

yasuo build guide

Yasuo is a type of Champion that many gamers love, especially those who play Wild Rift. Not only does it have a cool design, but also it is a great skill set as you can quickly move from one minion to another. Yasuo Build Items Phantom Dancer As a samurai who relies on attack speed and critical strikes, Phantom Dancer …

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Top 10 the Strongest Champions for League of Legends

league of legends

Unlike other MOBA games, League of Legends calls their characters or heroes Champions or Champs. Of the hundreds of existing champions, of course, you want to find information about which champion is the strongest. Therefore, in this article, we will provide information about the 10 strongest champions in League of Legends. Ornn Be one of the strongest champion in League …

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Amumu Build Guide, League of Legends: Wild Rift Champion

amumu build guide

Amumu is a Jungle Tank Champion in League of Legends: Wild Rift with a fairly low difficulty level. For those of you who want to use Amumu, you better take a look first, let’s discuss the best guides and builds for Amumu in Wild Rift in this one article, guys! Because in this article you can find the best builds, …

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Kassadin Build Guide, League of Legends: Wild Rift Champion

kassadin build items

Kassadin is a champion mage-assassin who is used in the mid lane position. Kassadin a unique champion and worth trying because his attack scale is good. This champion can be the right choice to fight mid lane champions of the mage and melee types. The reason is, Kassadin is actually a melee champion, but in his skill set, the range …

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League of Legends, Best Mid Laners Recommendation

league of legends

Having a Role as Mid Laner in League of Legends means you have to be the center of attention that can bring the game to the pinnacle of victory. You have to show off a great show that can catch people’s attention. The middle lane is the place where the stars of the gameplay. In addition, it can also be …

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Master Yi, The Best Build Guide for Wild Rift

master yi

Master Yi is one of the greater champions in Wild Rift. Due to his unbelievable speed attack ability, he is now on tier-S, especially in the late game. Talking about the role, Master Yi usually has a role as a jungler,  it is because he can sustain pretty well. He can do it because he has a skill namely Meditate. …

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Spell and Rune in Wild Rift

Rune and spell

What is Spell in Wild Rift? Spell is a unique ability in Wild Rift. A player should choose a spell before the game start. The main difference of spells and runes is the way to use them. Rune could give a passive effect at a certain condition, meanwhile spell need to be activated manually. After you use the spell, it …

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The Strongest Build Item for Zed, LoL Wild Rift 2023

Zed League of Legends

Zed is one of the strongest champions in League of Legends. He currently makes the enemies fear because of his abilities. It is not because of the wide area of effect. This champion becomes very strong because of the damage output that can destroy the opponent’s defense. Zed produces speed and combos that can also make him become stronger. Interestingly, …

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League of Legends: Wild Rift, The Best Jungler Recommendation

best jungler league of legends

The role of a jungler in LoL: Wild Rift is quite important. They must lead the movement of team members to find objectives such as defeating the Dragon or actually ganking the enemy team. Therefore, the role of Jungler-type Champions is very important in the team. Not only do you have to focus on defeating monsters in the forest, but …

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League of Legends: Wild Rift, The Best Tank Recommendation

tank league of legends wild rift

Tank support is a role that is rarely picked. Many people think that playing them is very boring. However, this role is actually very important because without them you will find it quite difficult to take a lot of damage without a tank. In addition, this support tank can take a lot of damage and also gives a high contribution. …

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