League of Legends: Wild Rift, The Best Mage Recommendation

league of legends wild rift

There are so many champions that have different roles from each other. Now, we are going to share the summary of the Best Mage recommendation that you can use as a consideration before you start to play it. Besides, you can also use this recommendation¬†to complete your strategy in team fights. The recommendation this time is of course for those …

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Miss Fortune Best Build Items Recommendation, League of Legends: Wild Rift

miss fortune League of legends wild rift

Build Item Miss Fortune Wild Rift For those of you who have an executioner type of gameplay, having miss Fortune in your player’s list is the best recommendation. You can give high damage and speed attack to the opponent. It is because, Miss Fortune has several abilities such as attack-speed, and movement speed to relatively high damage. Moreover, the ultimate …

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League of Legends, Top Players 2023

League of Legends top players

There are so many arguments about how to be the best players of League of Legends. Here, we will share the top 10 players of League of Legends for all the time. Which one is your favorite? Canyon Next, we have Canyon. He is the best jungler for all the time. Only by relying on his own abilities for many …

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Wild Rift Physical Items and Their Functions

wild rift

Basically, we can say that wild rift is a League of Legends game that we can play on the mobile phone. Just like the other MOBA game, this game also serves several items for players that they can use to build their ability to become stronger. There are four types of items in this game, they are physical, magic, defense, …

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Wild Rift Exclusive Items

wild rift exclusive items

As we know, League of Legends: Wild Rift has some differences if we compared it with League of Legends PC. One of these discussions is the difference in items that can only be found in one game. Interestingly, if we look forward, we will find several items that we will only find in Wild Rift. These are some exclusive items …

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Several Tips to Play League of Legends for Beginners

tips to play lol

Nowadays, the interest of many people in esports become higher. This case has destroyed the dreams of so many talented players. In addition, the lack of information about the game itself complicates the players’ develop their talent. Therefore, how can a newbie or a beginner take a part in a world-level tournament? Therefore, for you who never try to play …

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The Differences Between League of Legends and Wild Rift

league of legends

With the start of the Open Beta for Wild Rift next week, many new players will be playing Wild Rift for the first time. They come from a number of different games. Starting from other Mobile MOBAs such as Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor, or PC MOBAs such as Dota 2 and of course League of Legends. This article …

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The 10 Strongest Champions League of Legends Mobile Wild Rift

champion League of Legends

League of Legends Wild Rift has 40 Champions for the whole players. Because of too many Champions to use, it might make you confused about where to start. Therefore, we will present several best Champions that can be a consideration for you before you start playing this game. 10 Strongest Champions LoL Wild Rift Miss Fortune The first on our …

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WILD RIFT: All You Have to Know About WILD RIFT

wild rift league of legends

Introduction to Wild Rift League of Legends: Wild Rift!!¬† Like the other MOBA games, League of Legends: Wild Rift focuses on destroying Nexus on the Enemy’s defense center. In addition, this game has also three-lane which have to be protected from the enemy’s attack. They are top, mid, and bottom lanes. At a certain point in the jungle, there will …

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What is League of Legends?

league of legends

League of Legends, is one of the most popular games in the world. League of Legends has been played by millions of players every day. In 2016, there were 396 million people watched the world-class tournament of League of Legends which is held for about five weeks. Briefly, if you want to play League of Legends, The first thing you …

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