Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Build Guide for Claude

build for clude

Hero Claude Mobile Legend, who has a monkey partner named Dexter, turns out to have extraordinary fighting potential, especially if the players know what the build potential and skills of this one hero are. For those of you who are interested in using this one hero, you should read the following review in full. Skill Claude Battle Side by Side …

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MLBB: Hero Arlott , Skills and Hero Counter List to Attack Arlott

lone lancer arlott

The skills brought by Arlott are expected to make it more difficult for opponents when fighting. Then, what skills will the latest Mobile Legends fighter hero have? To find out the answer, let’s check this out. Skill 1 MLBB’s Arlott hero is given the ability to make his spear cut through the ground. This can have an impact on physical …

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Build Item for Franco to be a better Roamer MLBB

franco build item as a roamer

Roamer is a role in Mobile Legends that aims to help other team members. A Roamer must be able to move quickly and effectively to help his team. Roam doesn’t have to have the ability to kill enemies quickly, but must be able to strategize and attract the enemy’s attention. Why is Franco suitable as a Roamer? Franco has the …

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Hyper in Mobile Legends: All about The Term Hyper in MLBB

hyper mlbb

The term Hyper Mobile Legend often appears when choosing a hero to play. This word is often used after pro players call it out in the MPL Season 5 competition. Since then, the term Hyper has been widely used by Mobile Legends players from various regions. Hyper Mobile Legends itself is a term used for the hero in control of …

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Rank List for Mobile Legends Bang Bang

rank list mobile legends bang bang

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a game that was released with a rank order system that makes it more competitive. With the rank order, players can be more enthusiastic about fighting enemies and completing other missions. The rank order of Mobile Legends itself is made by having several levels. This level is adjusted to the competence and performance of the …

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Marksman Recommendation 2023

best mm

Marksman is a role in Mobile Legends, this role can generate high damage through his attacks and has a relatively weak defense. Hero marksman is indeed known as a hero who can attack enemies from a distance, this hero is usually strong during the late game phase and already has full items. Marksman is usually used as a core hero …

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Tank Recommendation 2023

best tank

In the Mobile Legends Game, maybe you will idolize heroes like Assassin, Fighter, and Marksman. But, do you know that Hero Tanks also have a very important role in the team? A tank can be a determining factor for victory in the game. It is because you can rely on them to withstand, protect, and disrupt. Moreover, they can also …

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Best Mage Recommendation

best ,mage MLBB

When playing Mobile Legends, you will feel like you are in a forest in which there are various animals and plants. On this occasion, we will focus on one of the destroyer hero roles: Mage. As the name implies, a mage hero is a hero who can deal magic damage. Just like what you have in mind, the hero Mage …

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Build Items for Pharsa 2023

best build Pharsa 2023

One of the most famous heroes in Mobile Legends and often the choice of novice players and even pro players is Pharsa. Not only for regular classic players to rank, pro players in big tournaments also make Pharsa their mainstay hero. Why has Pharsa managed to remain one of the famous players over time? It turns out that the reason …

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Several Tips to Play Mobile Legends for Beginners

MLBB for beginners

For previous MOBA players, mastering Mobile Legends is not a difficult matter. However, for players who have never tried playing the MOBA genre, of course they will be quite overwhelmed at the start of the game. Mobile legends have been around for several years. During that time, this game underwent a lot of changes which are certainly enough to make …

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