lone lancer arlott
lone lancer arlott

MLBB: Hero Arlott , Skills and Hero Counter List to Attack Arlott

The skills brought by Arlott are expected to make it more difficult for opponents when fighting. Then, what skills will the latest Mobile Legends fighter hero have? To find out the answer, let’s check this out.

arlott mlbb

Skill 1

arlott new hero mlbb

MLBB’s Arlott hero is given the ability to make his spear cut through the ground. This can have an impact on physical damage to opponents around him.

Dauntless Strike is a CC skill that can stun your opponent. The duration of the stun that affects the opponent will be according to the target’s distance. The farther the opponent is, the longer the stun duration will be felt. Apart from that, there is also a slow effect which has a duration of two seconds.

Skill 2

arlott skill 2

Vengeance will help Arlott make a dash and enter the opponent’s area. If the opponent is hit by this skill, it can have several effects, starting from HP regen, critical damage, to refreshing cooldown. This can be done three times.


Arlot MLBB’s ultimate skill is equipped with a CC type that will make the enemy approach immediately. Later, the enemies can be stunned and take physical damage from their swords. Ultimate CC also has a faster time to attack than skill 1.


With his passive skill, this newest MLBB fighter hero will be able to know where the enemy is around him. If the enemy is hit by Arlott’s CC, then it can immediately paralyze the opponent’s weak side for up to five seconds. Not only that, his passive skill is also able to make the enemy hit a critical strike.

Hero Counter List to Attack Arlott

Arlott MLBB itself is able to conquer its opponents with the agility of its skills. The new hero often issues a dash when fighting with opponents.

The collection of skills brought by this one Fighter hero is indeed extraordinary. Even so, players don’t need to worry, because now there are several choices of hero counters that can be used. Here’s a list of hero counters against Arlott MLBB.


One of the counters that can be selected is Hero Franco. The tank can fight Arlott through his extraordinary Hook skill. If that skill is combined with his ultimate, then Arlott can be paralyzed.


By using Thamuz Mobile Legends against Arlott, players can issue the freeze feature in the first minion wave. After that, continue to carry out deadly attacks on the Fighter Arlott hero. This is the mainstay that Thamuz can do.


Phoveus can be the next choice in facing Arlott. Use the ultimate that belongs to Phoveus, then the opponent will become weak by itself. With the skill issued by Phoveus, the resulting damage can really hurt your opponent, especially Arlott.

Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong Mobile Legends is the right choice if you want to go 1o1 with Arlott MLBB. This is because damage and HP healing skills can greatly contribute to Yu Zhong. Apart from that, players can also use the Black Dragon Form skill which is quite tough. Coupled with the presence of Hunter’s Strike and War Ax which will provide Movement Speed.

Four Heroes that are Suitable for Combos with Arlott Mobile Legends


Arlott is perfect for collaborating with heroes who have CC Area effects. Tigreal can help Arlott to dominate the game early to mid-game. The slow and airborne effects of Tigreal’s 1 and two skills greatly benefit Arlott. Not only that, Tigreal’s ultimate Implosion can be combined with Arlott’s skills.


Just like Tigreal, Atlas also has all-CC skills. With Atlas, Arlott can play aggressively. Frigid Breath from Atlas can give a slow effect to enemies. In addition, Atlas’s Fatal Links can help “collect” and drag opponents to certain areas. After being smacked down by Atlas, Arlott can issue combo skills and finish off enemies easily.


Heroes with stun effects are very useful so that Arlott can emit passive gaze and his second skill. Lolita is able to withstand enemy damage while stopping the movement of the leading hero.
Arlott auto riots when combo with Lolita.


Arlott is very weak against heroes with Burst Damage Magic or Lock heroes. To prevent Arlott from being countered by enemies, Kaja is better secured in a team formation. Kaja’s Divine Judgment was of great use to Arlott. After Kaja locked the enemy, Arlott was able to continue with passive, skill two, and ultimate combo skills. The enemy’s hero core automatically collapses with this combo.