5 Fun Facts about Arena of Valor

The popularity of Arena of Valor seems to be difficult to be shifted. Even though it has been existing for a long time, this game still is one of the most popular games among many gamers. Interestingly, not only enjoy this game on your mobile phone but also can be used on the other platform.

arena of valor

Moreover, AoV is also one of the famous games around the world. Arena of Valor gets its popularity in America, Europe, and of course Asia. In the country of its origin (China), more than 200 million people play this game in a month. Actually, that is a huge amount for a game mobile. Regardless of these facts, here we are going to talk about some fun facts about Arena of Valor:

The Average Players of Arena of Valor are Women

fun facts about Arena of Valor

This may sound quite strange, how is it possible that games with the theme of fighting and violence like this are played by so many women. However, this is the fact. More than a half of the whole player in this game are women. If we talk about the percentage, it even reaches 54% players. Actually, this is not something new for today, many female players are growing up so fast lately, especially in Asia. If you try to find out in search engine, you will find there are so many female players who play Arena of Valor. Is it interesting?

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Playable on Nintendo Switch

As a the best game developer from China, we can say that Tencent has the trait of being dissatisfied. Already well-known on mobile doesn’t make it stop there. Now AoV is also ready to be played on the Nintendo Switch console.

Moreover, when you play this on Nintendo Switch, you will be served an amazing graphic that makes you become more enjoy when play it.¬† AoV will serve “Hook War Mode”. This mode will complete the function of Joycon motion control on Nintendo Switch. This fact makes AoV become more interesting to be played. Moreover, this fact also make Arena of Valor become superior than its competitor, Mobile Legends.

Arena of Valor

Called Poison

Unfortunately, this is a bad news. In China, this game get a bad reputation. Several cases were found to some teenager who play this game. For example, in 2017, an 11 years old girl stole 100.000 yuan because of this game. Then, another teenager, 13 years old, jumped from a building because of be scolded by her parents for playing too many games. Therefore, many people in China say that this Arena of Valor is dangerous.

This case also caused Tencent to suffer a sizable loss of USD 17.5 billion due to AOV’s shares dropping quite drastically by 5.1%. Because of this case, now China give a limit for teenager to play this game in order to prevent the same cases.

The Main Target for Global Market

Getting success in the Chinese market and several other Asian regions does not make Tencent as a developer complacent. Improvements continue to be made so that the 5 vs 5 game is widely accepted in other countries. In fact, it is reported that related parties are ready to make adjustments regarding several heroes. Therefore, other countries are more comfortable playing them.

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For your information, many heroes in Arena of Valor come from Chinese mythology. If there is an adjustment, it will be easily accepted by other countries, as sources say that the American version of Arena of Valor does not use hero characters from Chinese mythology but instead replaces them with superhero characters such as DC Comics.

The World’s Highest-Grossing Mobile Game

Even though there are many other online PVP games on the market, AOV has managed to become the PVP game that has the highest income, you know. In 2017, AOV managed to achieve a profit of up to USD 1.76 billion.