Arena of Valor: Best Assassins Recommendation

Arena of Valor (AOV) is one of the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games. One of the advantages of this game is the huge variety of heroes. You can also use various best hero options in Arena of Valor which are divided into various classes. One of them is hero assassins.

The hallmark of assassins type heroes is their ability to attack enemies with high damage. Therefore, his presence is very crucial in the team. Its existence makes it easier for you to defeat the enemy. You can also choose a wide selection of interesting assassins AOV heroes.

The Role of Assassin in Arena of Valor

The high damage possessed by AOV-type heroes makes assassins the right choice to use them as jungler heroes. This role has the main task of farming. Assassins can take advantage of their high damage not only to finish off creeps, but also Abyssal Dragons or Ancient Dragons.

Not only that, you can take advantage of the high damage from the Arena of Valor assassin hero when doing ganking. In MOBA games, ganking is a strategy that is often used by gamers. You can do ganking by ganging up on enemy heroes.

Best Assassins Recommendation (Arena of Valor)

According to the importance of their role, you shouldn’t miss the existence of the best assassin heroes in Arena of Valor. There are many hero considerations that you can choose from. If you’re confused, here are 7 recommended AOV assassin heroes that you can play:

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Butterfly AoV

The best choice for the first assassin type AOV hero is Butterfly. This beautiful girl character has a very deadly skill. The main advantage possessed by Butterfly is the opportunity to get a cooldown reset for every kill or assist, whether when attacking heroes, monsters, or minions.

Whirlwind Butterfly, you can use it when surrounded by enemy heroes. This skill not only deals damage to enemies, but also makes your hero get a shield and additional movement speed. Then, there is the Sword Propel move that you can use to attack enemies from a distance.

You also don’t need to worry when an enemy hero runs away. Ultimate Butterfly named Backstab, gives you the opportunity to chase it instantly. If you manage to kill an enemy hero with Backstab, Butterfly will not only get HP recovery, but also reset cooldown.


wukong aov

Wukong’s expertise makes this hero the right consideration for those of you who want to play the role of a jungler. The jutsu possessed by Wukong allows him to move very fast. Not only that, Wukong’s attack can cause a stun effect for 1 second.

There is also a Great Sage skill that you can use to increase Wukong’s defense. This skill is useful for increasing the survivability of assassin heroes which are usually relatively low. Lastly, there is the ultimate God of War skill which makes Wukong’s normal attacks increase drastically.


murad aov

This AOV’s best hero is known as one of the deadliest assassin characters. If played properly, Murad can get kills easily. Moreover, this hero does not only have high damage. However, Murad also has a lifesteal skill effect.

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His first skill, namely Temporal Turbulence, allows Murad to attack enemies repeatedly. You can also activate the passive skill by doing normal attacks continuously. Apart from that, you can use other skills, namely Another Dimension and Thorn of Time to attack several enemy heroes at once.


nakroth aov

The next AOV hero recommendation that is no less deadly is Nakroth. This hero is a character that is included in the hybrid category, a combination of warrior and assassin. Nakroth’s main strengths as a fearsome assassin hero are his mobility and high damage.

Nakroth has a crowd control (CC) skill that makes it difficult for enemy heroes to escape. If you are having trouble defeating enemy heroes, there is the Death Sentence skill. This move makes Nakroth back off and then counterattacks with high damage. Then, there is also the Judgment’s Blade skill that you can use to attack enemies from a distance.


kriknak aov

You can also use Kriknak as a recommendation for a very deadly assassin AOV type hero. The main ability that makes Kriknak the best AOV hero recommendation is the additional damage for every attack he does.

Furthermore, you can use the Drone Drop jutsu to make the enemy’s movements slower. This attack also causes damage to several heroes at once. In addition, two other moves, namely Horn Rush and Terrifying Plague, not only deal high damage, but can restore HP.


zill aov

Zill is the best recommended hero in Arena of Valor who has the ability to be an assassin and a mage. Unlike other assassin heroes, Zill is a character who has magic attacks. This type of attack makes Zill the right consideration if you attack enemy heroes who are in a group.

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Not only that. Zill’s Wind Shift skill allows him to approach the target hero instantly and simultaneously perform area attacks. There is also a Dustdevil move that allows Zill to give Marks of the Wind to enemy heroes. The effect is that the movement of the enemy hero becomes slower and gets more damage.


airi aov

The last choice of the best AOV hero is Airi. Like Zill, Airi is a hybrid hero. This hero has a character not only as an assassin, but also as a warrior hero. Her skills as an assassin are also very frightening, especially since Airi is an elite ninja who earned the title “Kunoichi”.

Airi’s Zan skill is very useful if you attack enemy heroes in a row. This move gives additional damage, while reducing the enemy hero’s running speed and lifesteal effect. There is also a ranged attack called Spin which Airi does by throwing shuriken.

As a ninja, Airi is a hero who has very agile movements. Her Shadow Kick allows Airi to move super fast in a certain direction. Besides that, Ryuu’s ultimate move allows Airi to attack the heroes around her and at the same time get a shield effect.