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Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Marksman Recommendation 2023

best mm

MLBB Best Marksman Recommendation, Marksman is a role in Mobile Legends, this role can generate high damage through his attacks and has a relatively weak defense. Hero marksman is indeed known as a hero who can attack enemies from a distance, this hero is usually strong during the late game phase and already has full items. Marksman is usually used …

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Best Mage Recommendation

best ,mage MLBB

When playing Mobile Legends, you will feel like you are in a forest in which there are various animals and plants. On this occasion, we will focus on one of the destroyer hero roles: Mage. As the name implies, a mage hero is a hero who can deal magic damage. Just like what you have in mind, the hero Mage …

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Arena of Valor: Best Assassins Recommendation

aov best assassin

Arena of Valor (AOV) is one of the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games. One of the advantages of this game is the huge variety of heroes. You can also use various best hero options in Arena of Valor which are divided into various classes. One of them is hero assassins. The hallmark of assassins type heroes is …

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Arena of Valor: Best Tank Recommendation

best tank aov

In a fighting MOBA game, tanks are heroes that target agile heroes who are very irritating and frustrating to enemies. That’s why in a game, the role of a tank is needed so that it can become a shield for other heroes when attacking. In the following, we will discuss some recommendations for tank heroes that you can try to …

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Arena of Valor: Best Marksman Recommendation

Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor Best Marksman Recommendation, When you play a MOBA game, in this case, Arena of Valor, you will find a condition when a team consists of more than two marksmen. More than that, sometimes you may also find a team without a marksman. When you find this condition you have to understand the situation. It means there is …

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Dota 2: Best Hard Carry Recommendation

dota 2 carry heroes

There are so many Heroes Carry in Dota 2. There areĀ  3 types of Heroes Carry in Dota 2, they are: Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. Unfortunately, the Hero Intelligence category is less than the other two types. Nevertheless, the majority of the terrible carry comes from this type of Hero. The role of the Carry in the game is crucial. …

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Recommendation: Best Support Hero Dota 2 for Beginners

best support heroes dota 2

Since its launch, the Dota 2 meta has gone through a lot of changes. This moba game has grown from a game with minimal graphic quality to become the most complex game with a variety of complicated mechanisms. That complexity makes the meta very difficult to predict, it’s almost impossible to predict which hero will be strong in the next …

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Miss Fortune Best Build Items Recommendation, League of Legends: Wild Rift

miss fortune League of legends wild rift

Build Item Miss Fortune Wild Rift For those of you who have an executioner type of gameplay, having miss Fortune in your player’s list is the best recommendation. You can give high damage and speed attack to the opponent. It is because, Miss Fortune has several abilities such as attack-speed, and movement speed to relatively high damage. Moreover, the ultimate …

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