Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Marksman Recommendation 2023

MLBB Best Marksman Recommendation, Marksman is a role in Mobile Legends, this role can generate high damage through his attacks and has a relatively weak defense. Hero marksman is indeed known as a hero who can attack enemies from a distance, this hero is usually strong during the late game phase and already has full items. Marksman is usually used as a core hero and usually occupies Gold Lane, although there are some marksman who can be support or jungler. There are some of the sickest marksman heroes in 2023 which are widely used by ML players as their mainstay heroes for push ranks.

So, on this occasion, we will discuss some of the 2023 mm pain heroes in Mobile Legends. So you can find out what marksman heroes have pain damage and can be used for push ranks.


beatrix mlbb

In the first position, we will place Beatrix as the best marksman for the 2023 opener. Beatrix has the ability to switch weapons. Talking about the damage it has, there is no doubt, Beatrix is the champion. His incredible damage is able to finish off enemies quickly and precisely. In fact, even during the early game, Beatrix was able to deliver deadly attacks on her enemies. Apart from that, Beatrix is also included in the category of agile Marksman with good mobility. Even Beatrix can carry out long-range attacks and target enemies with her skills.


natan mlbb

Natan is one of the hybrids. He can combine magical and physical damage. Natan is also a popular hero among Mobile Legends players. Natan’s skill set makes him a marksman Hero with very painful damage. Even though it is very weak in the early game, it will really shine when the item is full. That’s why he becomes very dangerous in the late game. Natan is even capable of slaughtering all of his enemies even without the help of other colleagues.

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Apart from that, players had to take strategy into account when using Natan. Players must be extra patient and able to control their emotions. Natan is a damage dealer who can slaughter enemies very easily.


wanwan mlbb

The next most painful marksman hero in 2023 is Wanwan, a marksman known for his agility and fast attack movements. Wanwan is also one of the mainstay marksman because this hero is widely used, of course that’s because Wanwan is very agile and has bad damage. Wanwan’s attack speed plus her very agile movements often make the enemy troubled. Wanwan is indeed weak in the early game, but when she gets full items or at least core items, this hero becomes dangerous and needs to be watched out for.

Like other marksman heroes, Wanwan is very suitable to be placed in the Gold Lane so you can farm gold quickly to buy items. Wanwan’s ultimate skill can be activated if the mark is full, although it takes time to activate this skill but this skill is overpowered because if you manage to get a kill Wanwan will continue to attack the nearest enemy, as long as this skill is active Wanwan cannot be attacked.


brody mlbb

Brody’s damage is enough to destroy his opponent in one strike. Brody has a very long attack range. Even though his basic attacks are relatively slow, when used, Brody’s basic attacks are quite painful for his enemies. Brody can even dominate history from the early game. When the items are full and complete, it is very easy for Brodi to wipe out his opponent.

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Interestingly, even though he functions as a marksman, Brody is often used by players with Tank builds. Even though many underestimate him, it is certain that Brody is one of the strongest Marksman.


karrie mlbb

With a relatively mini appearance and less frightening, Karrie turns out to be a well-known hero who can easily slay tanks. This is because Karrie is a hero who has true damage. He also has a passive skill that will give him additional damage. All attacks from Karrie are very useful for attacking heroes with a lot of health. In fact, this marksman does have a skill set that is perfect for fighting tanks. Even Karrie was dangerous enough at the start of the game. If he already has a core item, then it is certain that he will be even deadlier.

Karrie is perfect for having attack speed and damage items. This is because he is a marksman type that emphasizes basic attacks. When in a fairly fierce match, Karrie will make the existence of Tanks and Fighters not so profitable because the blood and thick defense they have are not so useful.


granger mlbb

In reality, Granger only has 6 bullets per basic attack and has to reload. Even though it seems very limited in basic attack, the damage from the attack cannot be underestimated. This is because every attack that comes from it will result in very painful damage. Granger has high burst damage. Plus if he already uses his skill combo, the enemy will lose a lot of blood.

Besides the fact that he has high damage and lethal attacks, Granger is also a hero with high mobility and agile movements. This is because of the 2 skills he has. Plus, his ulti skill allows him to attack opponents from a distance by throwing massive sets of bullets.

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lesley mlbb

Lesley has a long attack range compared to other marksman heroes, this is a distinct advantage especially in war or teamfight situations where you have to maintain a safe distance. Lesley’s ultimate skill can attack enemies from a distance and shoot shots with painful damage, this skill is perfect for executing dying opponents from a distance.

When compared to other marksman heroes, Lesley has the longest attack distance. This advantage is what makes Lesley very reliable in team fights. His ultimate skill can attack enemies from a distance and is able to deal very painful damage. Of course, this skill will easily execute weak opponents from a distance.