Recommendation: Best Support Hero Dota 2 for Beginners

Since its launch, the Dota 2 meta has gone through a lot of changes. This moba game has grown from a game with minimal graphic quality to become the most complex game with a variety of complicated mechanisms.

That complexity makes the meta very difficult to predict, it’s almost impossible to predict which hero will be strong in the next meta. But fortunately, there are some heroes that are easy to use and can always be useful regardless of the current meta.

Witch Doctor

witch doctor dota 2

Witch Doctor often appears in the professional Dota 2 scene. His Paralyzing Cask and Maledict skills can be a determining factor for team-fight wins.

The Witch Doctor is always a solid choice, even in pub games. Once you see him dancing while carrying out Ultimate Death Ward attacks without interruption, then that will be the moment of destruction for your opponent.


lion dota 2

In Dota, generally teams that have more disables have a greater chance of winning team-fights. Lion is a hero that can be said to be timeless, especially when the team needs crowd-control, he is always the ideal choice.

Three of Lion’s four skills are disable abilities, ranging from slow, stun, hex, to mana-stealing. All of that is very useful in team-fights. If you are used to looking for strategic positions and maximizing Lion’s skills, then every battle will benefit your team.

Crystal Maiden

crystal maiden

Besides being beautiful, Crystal Maiden (CM) is also a support hero that is easy to master and reliable!

Players usually choose CM because of its global passive skill, Arcane Aura, which grants teammates mana regeneration. That ability really helps the team, especially during the early game. His other skills can also provide powerful damage and disable power. Ultimate Crystal Maiden, Freezing Field, is an AoE skill that slows down enemies while dealing massive damage. Not infrequently this skill can turn the team-fight situation around.

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CM is also a great support jungler, he can stack two camps simultaneously. CM was even used as a semi-carry by Team Liquid a few years ago.


earthshaker dota 2

In the fourth position, we have Earthshaker. He still be one of the best because of his very long stun duration. In addition, he also good at giving an initiation in a team-fight.

Even though it acts as a support, Earthshaker can be a frightening threat in the late phase because of his Ultimate Echo Slam skill. The most important thing when using this hero is choosing the right position and time in order to stun and damage the opponent’s formation.


rubick dota 2

The most dangerous of the heroes who are nicknamed Grand Magus is the Spell Steal skill, which functions to imitate the last skill used by the opponent. Pick this hero in the draft phase if your opponent has a hero with a skill worth stealing, like Earthshaker’s Fissure or Tidehunter’s Ravage.