Yasuo Build Guide, League of Legends: Wild Rift Champions

Yasuo is a type of Champion that many gamers love, especially those who play Wild Rift. Not only does it have a cool design, but also it is a great skill set as you can quickly move from one minion to another.

Yasuo LoL wild rift

Yasuo Build Items

Yasuo LoL Wild Rift

Phantom Dancer

As a samurai who relies on attack speed and critical strikes, Phantom Dancer is the first choice for him. Besides that, Phantom Dancer has a passive that will give the user a shield when his HP is below 35%.

The shield is obtained based on the level, namely 240 – 590 with a cooldown of 90 seconds when it is active.

Infinity Edge

However, Yasuo still needs attack damage even though attack speed and critical strike are his focus. Because of that, Infinity Edge is a very good choice as a core item.

This item will increase your critical stick damage with an additional status of +60 attack damage and +25% critical strike chance. However, this item is quite expensive, so it will take some time to get it.

Gluttonous Greaves

For shoes, you can use Gluttonous Graves as the item of choice. With the additional effect of 8% physical vamp, it makes Yasuo last longer in teamfights or when fighting 1 vs 1 with other Champions.

However, if you feel that your opponent has many Champions with strong crowd control, you can replace Gluttonous Graves with Mercury’s Treads — to reduce the duration of stun, slow, taunt, fear, silence, blind, and immobilize.

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Static Shiv

For attack speed and critical strike matters, you can add Statikk Shiv. This item is also useful for cleaning wave minions thanks to passive surprise in the form of magic damage.

Apart from that, he also adds Yasuo’s movement speed by 5%. It is very beneficial for Yasuo to move more nimbly — whether to chase or run away from opponents.


To lead to the late game, you can rely on lifesteal to fight with opponents. So, for recommended items, you can use Bloodthirster which sells for 3400 gold.

This item gives the user 15% physical vamp with an additional shield effect if you receive excess HP.

Yasuo’s Runes

Yasuo LoL Wild Rift


As a fighter, Yasuo needs strong damage in order to easily finish off opponents. Therefore, you can use Conqueror as Yasuo’s Rune. This passive can give Yasuo 2-6 bonus damage (based on level) and can be stacked 5 times — with a maximum of 10 – 30 attack damage (based on level).


For Rune Domination, you can use Brutal as a complement. This rune effect can give Yasuo a bonus of 7 attack damage and 2% armor penetration. By using Brutal, you will be strong in fighting even against tanks with high armor, like Garen.

Spirit Walker

As an agile fighter, you really need something called a crowd control deterrent. Therefore, you can use Spirit Walker which gives a passive in the form of 50 maximum HP and 20% slow resistance.

Hunter – Genius

By using Hunter – Genius as your Inspiration rune, Yasuo will get an additional 2.5% cooldown reduction. Killing unique Champions gains 1.5% cooldown reduction. This rune synergizes very well with Yasuo’s skill set, and is worth using.

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Yasuo’s Spells

Yasuo LoL Wild Rift


Using the Ignite effect is very advantageous for Yasuo to fight with opponents. You can use Smite when your opponent’s HP is low, because it can burn your opponent with 60-410 true damage (based on level) for 5 seconds — preventing your opponent from surviving when leaving teamfight.


Flash is a Spell of a million people. Almost all Champions will use this Spell to chase or run away from their opponents. However, this spell’s cooldown is quite long, which is 150 seconds.

Yasuo’s Combo Skills

Yasuo relies heavily on his first skill to create stunning combos. Because he is a mechanical hero, you don’t have to stick to the guide or the author’s own instructions. However, for basic combos, you can use the following:

Stell Tempest (1) ->

Stell Tempest (1) ->

Sweeping Blade (3) ->

Stell Tempest (1) ->

Last Breath (Ultimate).

Tips for Playing Yasuo as a Champion

As an agile Champion, you really have to take advantage of Yasuo’s Sweeping Blade (3) dash. While dashing towards the Minon or Champion, you can use Stell Tempest (1) to get a stack tornado from Stell Tempest (1).

Always be prepared to use Wind Wall (2) when you are facing ranged Champion types, such as Ahri. However, Wild Wall (2) cannot be used to block turret attacks. So don’t be hasty.