Arena of Valor: Best Marksman Recommendation

Arena of Valor Best Marksman Recommendation, When you play a MOBA game, in this case, Arena of Valor, you will find a condition when a team consists of more than two marksmen. More than that, sometimes you may also find a team without a marksman. When you find this condition you have to understand the situation. It means there is no agreement between the whole member of that team. Of course, you can take the advantage of that situation so that you can win the game.

Therefore, in order to be the winner in a game, the most important thing you need to do is understand the strategy. One of the strategies is the proper use of marksman. Then, you have to know several marksmen in Arena of Valor.

Capheny (Dragon Lane)

capheny arena of valor

Capheny has a very large gun. Judging from its size alone, you can be sure that the weapon can hold a lot of ammunition. Thus, it was no wonder that he would cause such great destruction.

There are two types of skills possessed by Capheny which we will discuss on this occasion.

Skill 1:

There are two types of shots. The first is a Pulse Shot and the second is a Quick Shot. If Capheny uses her Pulse shot, it will deal tremendous damage to her opponent. This shot can only be used five times before the next cooldown comes. Besides that, for fast shots it will result in continuous shots and will also cause destruction to the opponent.

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Skill 2:

He has a very great mobility ability. While moving, he can continuously generate attacks against his opponent. His 2nd skill called Armorbreaker can increase his movement speed. For his ultimate skill, he will produce a series of bullets that will cause extraordinary physical damage. What’s more, this ultimate skill can be used while moving.

Best from Capheny:

  • Mobility, she can attack on the move. When in a precarious state, he can step back first and give shots to his opponent.
  • Damage, because he has skill 1 and an extraordinary ultimate, he can cause great damage. When he gets the right support, he can easily destroy the enemy.
  • Ultimate. When issuing the ulti, he will attack all enemies in his path. If this were to happen, then the enemy would have no other choice but to retreat.

Elsu (Dragon Lane)

Elsu, is a coward who only dares to attack from behind. He had never dared to enter the battlefield, but secretly from a long distance, he would launch a deadly attack that was inevitable for his opponent. Just like snipers that we usually see in fiction films, they will just stay in one place and open fire at the right time.

Elsu arena of valor

The first ability he has is to become invisible to opponents so he can aim safely from a long distance.

Skill 1:

His 1st skill is called Sentinel. This skill allows him to be able to see everything within his sight range.

Skill 2:

His 2nd skill is called Snipe. In this skill, he can target enemies from a distance. In addition, this skill can also slow down enemy movements. This is very useful for destroying enemy defenses.This skill will last for 16 seconds before cooldown.

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Lastly, Elsu has the Ulti skill which allows her to jump behind the opponent and shoot a series of bullets which will slow down the opponent’s movement and deal great damage.

Bets from Elsu:

  • Damage. Elsu causes heavy damage from the start of the game. It will increase as the level of the game increases.
  • Vision. Elsu has skill 1 which allows her to see enemies clearly within her sight range.
  • Finisher. In clearing weak opponents, Elsu is the best. He has skill 2 which can target enemies from a distance without exception.
  • Survivability. Elsu is a hero that is rarely seen during matches. This helps Elsu to defend well during the game. He can stay behind the other team members or stay on the tower and deliver deadly attacks.

Violet (Dragon Lane)

violet arena of valor

Violet has excellent aiming abilities. This allows him to target his opponent without missing a beat.

Skill 1:

His 1st skill is called Tactical Fire. This skill allows him to roll towards his target and deal great damage and cause physical damage to targets in his path

Skill 2:

His 2nd skill, Fire in the hole, can deal damage and slow down enemy movements. Many like Violet for the interesting way she moves. Players will feel like they are on the battlefield while holding two weapons at once. Moreover, her Ultimate can fire missiles from a distance and destroy enemy heroes.

Best from Violet:

  • High damage. He can cause tremendous damage to his opponent. This can start from the middle to the end of the game. He only needs to take cover behind the tank while clearing the enemy.
  • Mobility. Violet can move forward or backward before launching her attack on the opponent. He can even move through walls.
  • Considerable damage. In one attack, Violet can cause damage to more than one hero at a time.
  • Finisher. Violet is very good at taking chances. At the right time, he will easily clean up enemy enemy heroes who have low HP.
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 Valhein (Dragon Lane)

Valhein has a unique skill that makes his opponents hate him a lot. He would stun his opponent so they would have no chance of escaping. When he is unconscious, he will finish off the enemy without mercy.

Skill 1:

His 1st Skill, named Bloody Hunt. This skill allows him to throw attacks at the main enemy and give damage effects to enemies around him.


His Skill 2, Curse of death, Valhein will throw a golden glaive at his opponent. This can give a stun effect to the opponent. Valhein only needed a few seconds before launching a deadly attack on his opponent. He also has a deadlier Ulti skill. Valhein will issue a series of bullets that can destroy the enemy in an instant.

Best from Valhein:

  • High attack speed. Starting from the middle to the end of the game, valhein will experience a significant increase in attack speed. In just a matter of seconds, he can finish off the opponent’s hero easily.
  • High damage.
  • One on one fights.