How to Play Muerta, Dota 2 Hero: the Master of Death

This hero is very closely related to Central American culture. We call him, Muerta, the Master of Death. Valve describes him as Long Distance carry intelligence based. This hero has a resemblance to the mage hero who has an automatic attack, such as  Lina and Outworld Destroyer.

Muerta is a ranged intelligence hero with powerful skills for farming. However, if you want to maximize Muerta’s abilities, you have to pay attention to the rules. There are two important rules for Muerta. First, you must have a good position. Second, you need to control the opponent’s position.

This is true for most heroes, but Muerta has a formidable skill set that emphasizes the importance of both rules and can give you an advantage if you pay attention. The key to the success of Muerta’s hero is understanding the limits of this hero and knowing when you get the kill before the enemy kills.

muerta dota 2

Muerta’s Abilities

Dead Shot

The range of this skill is amazing. Moreover, this skill helps you to do farming and prepare kills.

Farming with Dead Shot is the condition when you make your skill bounce of the creeps. Therefore, it will spread to hit the whole creeps. A more interesting aspect is the disabling of Fear where you can make it bounce off enemies, trees or creeps to then hit enemies in the desired direction to send them away or closer.

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The Calling

We can use this ability for defensive or offensive. When the enemy walk or jump close to you and try to attack you, you can use this ability to slow down the attack and the enemy’s movement speed.


Using Guslinger means each enemy you attack with Desolator’s Corruption will be applied to the other target. It will not only help you in farming but also  help you to increase your value massively.

Currently, players are building Maelstrom to increase your farming speed, but please note that the effect of Chain Lightning has an internal cooldown, so it is not possible to use Chain Lighting consecutively with Gunslingers.

Pierce the Veil

Pierce the Veil will change your appearance becomes Ethereal without any deficiency. It will also accept the enhancement of magic damage that can make you immune from the physical attacks. This ability can also change into magic. In addition, this ability can also give you more movement speeds and destroy the enemy. It will make the enemy difficult to confront you.

Appropriate Items for Muerta

muerta dota 2

Maelstrom and Black King Bar seem to be the main items for this hero. With Maelstrom and Gunslinger, you can farm very fast for bigger items that Muerta might need.

The Black King Bar pairs well with Pierce the Veil, blocking all targeted disables from hitting you, and you can’t take any physical damage.

You have to pay for several items such as:

  • blink dagger
  • hurricane pike
  • scythe of vyse

Muerta’s Role

As a core midlane hero, you rely on the first two abilities to dominate the lane, punishing enemies who try to last-hit or earn runes, and effectively keep them away from creep waves. Besides that, once you reach level six, the damage you get from Pierce the Veil makes ganking very comfortable.

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If you play Muerta as a mid laner, make sure to manage the tempo with regular kills in the lane and take advantage of your starting level to maximize your output to give the team an advantage.

As an offlane support, Muerta plays similarly to a mid except you punish enemies who take too many positions with Dead Shot, causing them to fear your way. Muerta has many different settings depending on your offlaner for making safelanes.

Keep Control the Game

While Muerta’s current win rate seems low, around 44 percent at the time of writing, he is still ahead in a number of ways, especially during the early stages of the game. Her skill set can be combined well alone or with a team, and she effectively disrupts other magic-based heroes with Dead Shot and The Calling. Pierce the Veil helps mix damage when taking down enemies with tanks and effectively makes you invulnerable when combined with the Black King Bar.