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Leona Build Wild Rift: Master the Radiant Dawn’s Power

Introduction leona build wild rift

Welcome to the ultimate guide on mastering Leona’s build in Wild Rift! As one of the most formidable champions in the game, Leona, the Radiant Dawn, brings unparalleled tankiness, crowd control, and initiation power to your team. In this article, we will delve into the optimal build, itemization, runes, and gameplay strategies to dominate the Rift as Leona. Whether you’re a beginner looking to understand the basics or an experienced player aiming to refine your skills, this guide has got you covered.

Leona Build Wild Rift

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of Leona’s build, let’s first understand her abilities and role in Wild Rift. Leona is a melee tank and support champion who excels at initiating team fights, protecting her allies, and disrupting the enemy team. Her kit is loaded with crowd control abilities, allowing her to lock down high-priority targets and create opportunities for her team to secure kills. As a support champion, Leona’s primary objective is to provide peel and engage for her ADC, ensuring their safety and enabling them to deal consistent damage.

Leona’s Abilities

1. Shield of Daybreak (Passive): After using an ability, Leona’s next basic attack deals bonus magic damage and stuns the target.
2. Shield of Daybreak (Q): Leona’s next basic attack deals bonus magic damage and stuns the target. This ability resets her auto-attack timer.
3. Eclipse (W): Leona creates a protective shield, gaining bonus Armor and Magic Resistance. After a few seconds, she can reactivate the ability to deal magic damage to nearby enemies and apply her passive.
4. Zenith Blade (E): Leona projects a solar image of her sword, damaging all enemies in a line. If the ability hits an enemy champion, Leona can reactivate it to dash to the target and apply her passive.
5. Solar Flare (R): Leona calls down a beam of solar energy to the target location, dealing magic damage to all enemies within the area and slowing them. Enemies in the center of the impact area are stunned instead of slowed.

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Leona’s Role in Wild Rift

Leona is primarily played as a support champion in Wild Rift. Her tankiness and crowd control make her an ideal champion for protecting and enabling her ADC during the laning phase and team fights. Leona’s abilities allow her to engage on the enemy backline, disrupt key targets, and peel for her allies when they are in danger. Her presence in team fights can turn the tide of battle, and her ability to initiate fights makes her an essential pick for any team composition.

Leona Build: Itemization

Choosing the right items is crucial to maximize Leona’s potential on the Rift. Let’s explore the core items that synergize well with her kit and enhance her tankiness and crowd control:

1. Knights Vow:

Knight’s Vow is a fantastic support item that provides bonus Armor, Magic Resistance, and Health. Additionally, it enhances Leona’s survivability by redirecting a portion of the damage her ally takes to herself. This item is ideal for protecting your ADC and ensuring their longevity during team fights.

2. Zeke’s Convergence:

Zeke’s Convergence is another essential item for Leona. It grants bonus Armor, Magic Resistance, and Cooldown Reduction. Its unique passive synergizes perfectly with Leona’s kit, as it creates a zone of frost around her when she immobilizes an enemy champion. The frost slows nearby enemies and periodically deals magic damage, amplifying the crowd control and disruption potential of Leona.

3. Thornmail:

Thornmail is a must-have item when facing teams with champions heavily reliant on basic attacks or life steal. It provides significant amounts of Armor and applies Grievous Wounds to enemies who attack Leona, reducing their healing effects. This item not only increases Leona’s tankiness but also enables her to neutralize high-damage ADCs and champions with sustain abilities.

4. Warmog’s Armor:

Warmog’s Armor is an excellent item for sustaining in prolonged team fights and sieges. Its passive restores a significant amount of Leona’s missing health when she is out of combat for a short period. With Warmog’s Armor, Leona can quickly regenerate health between skirmishes, allowing her to stay on the front lines and continuously initiate fights.

5. Zeke’s Herald:

Zeke’s Herald is a support item that offers bonus Ability Power, Armor, and Cooldown Reduction. Its unique passive empowers Leona’s ADC, granting them bonus Attack Damage, Ability Power, and Lifesteal for a short duration after Leona immobilizes an enemy champion. This item enhances the offensive capabilities of Leona’s ADC, further cementing her role as a protector and enabler.

Leona Build: Runes and Summoner Spells

Choosing the right runes and summoner spells is crucial to optimize Leona’s effectiveness on the Rift. Let’s explore the optimal choices for runes and summoner spells:

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1. Aftershock: Aftershock is a core rune for Leona, as it grants bonus Armor and Magic Resist after immobilizing an enemy champion. Additionally, it triggers an explosion around Leona, dealing damage and stunning nearby enemies. This rune enhances Leona’s tankiness and crowd control potential, making it an ideal choice for engaging and initiating fights.

2. Brutal: Brutal provides bonus Attack Damage and Ability Power, allowing Leona to deal more damage during the early stages of the game. This rune complements Leona’s aggressive playstyle and enhances her ability to dominate the laning phase.

3. Backbone: Backbone offers bonus Armor, bolstering Leona’s tankiness and survivability. As a frontline champion, Leona benefits greatly from the additional Armor provided by this rune, enabling her to soak up damage and protect her team more effectively.

4. Regeneration: Regeneration enhances Leona’s sustain in the laning phase by providing increased Health Regeneration when her health is low. This rune allows Leona to recover health more quickly, ensuring she can stay in the fight and continue protecting her ADC.

Summoner Spells:

1. Ignite: Ignite is an aggressive summoner spell that can help secure kills during the laning phase and throughout the game. It applies Grievous Wounds to the target, reducing their healing effects and potentially turning the tides of duels or skirmishes.

2. Flash: Flash is an essential summoner spell for almost every champion in Wild Rift. It provides instant mobility, allowing Leona to engage, escape, or reposition herself in team fights. Flash is a versatile spell that can be used defensively or offensively, depending on the situation.

Leona Build: Gameplay Strategies

Now that we have covered the core items, runes, and summoner spells, let’s dive into some gameplay strategies that will elevate your Leona gameplay:

1. Laning Phase:

During the laning phase, your primary focus should be protecting and enabling your ADC. Leona’s crowd control abilities make her an excellent champion for engaging on the enemy bot lane and setting up kills for your ADC. Coordinate with your ADC to synchronize your engages, using Zenith Blade (E) to lock down priority targets and follow up with Shield of Daybreak (Q) to stun them. Ensure you communicate with your ADC, as timing and coordination are key to successful engages.

2. Warding and Map Awareness:

As a support, your responsibilities extend beyond the bot lane. Take the initiative to place wards strategically, providing vision around objectives and key areas of the map. Vision control is crucial for your team’s success, as it allows you to anticipate the enemy team’s movements and make informed decisions. Constantly check the minimap and communicate important information to your team, such as missing enemy champions or potential gank threats.

3. Team Fight Engages:

Leona’s strength lies in her ability to initiate team fights and disrupt the enemy team. In team fights, prioritize locking down high-value targets such as enemy carries or champions with game-changing abilities. Use Solar Flare (R) to stun multiple enemies and create chaos within the enemy ranks. Coordinate with your team and engage when you have the advantage, ensuring your ADC and other damage dealers can follow up on your initiations.

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4. Peeling for Your ADC:

Protecting your ADC is paramount to your success as Leona. During team fights, be vigilant and use your crowd control abilities to peel for your ADC when they are under threat. Use Shield of Daybreak (Q) to stun enemies attempting to dive your ADC, and position yourself between your ADC and the enemy team. Remember, your job is not only to engage but also to ensure the survival and sustained damage output of your ADC.

5. Roaming and Objective Control:

As the laning phase progresses, look for opportunities to roam and assist other lanes. Leona’s crowd control can be a game-changer in mid and late-game skirmishes. Coordinate with your team and set up plays around objectives such as Dragon or Baron. Leverage your initiation power to secure important objectives and gain an advantage for your team.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the core item build for Leona in Wild Rift?

The core item build for Leona typically includes items like Knights Vow, Zeke’s Convergence, Thornmail, Warmog’s Armor, and Zeke’s Herald. These items enhance Leona’s tankiness, crowd control, and supportive capabilities.

2. Should I prioritize engaging or peeling for my ADC as Leona?

As Leona, your primary responsibility is to protect and enable your ADC. During team fights, prioritize peeling for your ADC when they are under threat. However, there will be situations where engaging on priority targets is necessary to secure kills or create advantageous team fight situations.

3. When should I use Solar Flare (R) in team fights?

Solar Flare should be used strategically to initiate team fights or disrupt the enemy team’s positioning. Look for opportunities to stun multiple enemies, especially high-value targets or champions with game-changing abilities. Coordinate with your team to ensure maximum follow-up and impact from your ultimate.

4. How important is vision control for Leona?

Vision control is crucial for Leona and the entire team. As a support, take the initiative to place wards strategically, especially around objectives and key areas of the map. Vision allows you to anticipate enemy movements, make informed decisions, and set up plays for your team.

5. Can Leona be played in other roles besides support?

While Leona is primarily played as a support champion, she can be flexed into the top lane as a tank. However, her kit and playstyle are best suited for the support role, where she can protect and enable her ADC.

6. What summoner spells should I take on Leona?

The recommended summoner spells for Leona are Ignite and Flash. Ignite provides additional kill pressure during the laning phase and helps to secure kills throughout the game. Flash is essential for Leona’s mobility and allows her to engage, escape, or reposition herself in team fights.


Mastering Leona’s build in Wild Rift is a journey that requires a deep understanding of her abilities, optimal itemization, and gameplay strategies. As a support champion, Leona excels at protecting and enabling her team, using her tankiness and crowd control to dominate team fights. By following the guidelines outlined in this guide, you will be well on your way to becoming a formidable force as Leona, the Radiant Dawn. Embrace the power of the sun, protect your ADC, and shine brightly on the Rift!