Wild Rift Exclusive Items

As we know, League of Legends: Wild Rift has some differences if we compared it with League of Legends PC. One of these discussions is the difference in items that can only be found in one game.

Interestingly, if we look forward, we will find several items that we will only find in Wild Rift. These are some exclusive items that will never be found in League of Legends PC. Therefore, we are going to give you the detail of each item. These are the following exclusive items that are only there in Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Exclusive Items

Awakened Soulstealer

awakened soulstealer

This item provides an additional 65 ability power, 20 percent cooldown reduction, and 200 mana to the user of this item. Not only that, users of this item will also get a passive, which reduces the cooldown by 3 percent after killing a unique champion. This passive has a limit of 15 percent cooldown reduction.

With the Lost Chapter and Fiendish Codex materials, making this item is actually not difficult and is very helpful at the beginning of the game, especially for some champions who need cooldown items.

Gluttonous Greaves

gluttonous greaves wilrd rift

The next item is shoes which are only available in Wild Rift. These shoes provide unique stats, namely 40 additional movement speeds, 8 percent physical vamp, and 8 percent physical vamp. Not only that, this item also provides an active effect that increases movement speed by 15 percent for three seconds. Dealing or taking damage will cancel its active effect.

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This item is perfect for jungle assassins who need movement speed to do ganking. By using its active effect, of course it will be easier for the jungle to gank quickly and surprise the enemy. Like shoe items in general, you can only buy and wear one shoe in the game.

Harmonic Echo

harmonic echo wild rift

Harmonic Echo provides stats of 80 additional ability power, 10 percent cooldown reduction, and 300 additional mana. The unique passive effect of this item will appear when you move or issue skill abilities that will form Harmony.

When Harmony reaches 100, this effect will activate and provide an additional healing effect of 70 (+10 percent ability power) when shielding or healing one to three teammates.

This item is very suitable for ability power type support that can shield or heal. This item really helps the team in team fights because the basis for gathering Harmony is moving and using skill abilities.

Infinity Orb

infinity orb wild rift

This item provides stats of 60 ability power and 200 additional HP. The unique passive effect of this item is to provide an additional 5 percent movement speed and 15 magic penetration. Not only that, this item also provides a second passive effect. When dealing skill damage to enemies who have HP below 35 percent, the skill will produce critical with 20 percent additional damage. This item is suitable for use by mages with very strong burst damage.

Protector’s Vow

protector's vow wild rift

This item provides stats of 40 armor, 10 percent cooldown reduction, and 350 HP. The unique passive effect of this item is Adding defense when near friendly champions. If you or your friends take damage from a champion, monster or turret, both of them will get 125 (+20 percent bonus HP) (+15 percent ability power) shield and 20 percent bonus movement speed for 1.5 seconds.

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This item is very suitable for use by tank support considering that a tank usually has a fairly thick HP and very strong defense. This bonus will certainly make it easier for your carry not to get too much damage from the enemy.

Void Amethyst

void amethyst wild rift

Next is the second tier item, namely Void Amethyst. This item gives a stats ability power of 25. Not only that, this item also provides a unique passive which gives 20 percent magic penetration. This item can be upgraded to a Void Staff (which is also available in League of Legends PC). Void Amethyst is suitable for champion mages who usually use Void Staff in their PC version, this is because the magic penetration given to them is very high.

Winter Approach

winter approach wild rift

Next is an item for the Tank, namely Winter Approach. This item provides 40 armor stats, 10 percent cooldown reduction, and 450 mana. A unique passive effect is AWE which gives bonus armor based on 1 percent of maximum mana. This passive also reduces mana usage by 15 percent.

Not only that, this item also has a passive getting charged every 4 seconds up to a maximum of 3 charges. Every basic attack that hits an opponent or uses mana will consume a charge and give +8 mana to a maximum of +700 mana. If the bonus is maximized, this item will change to Fimbulwinter.

This item even uses the Tear of the Goddess as a component. If analyzed more clearly, this item is like Manamune / Archangel’s Staff which can be upgraded after collecting which bonuses but for Tanks. Of course, this is very interesting because we’ve never seen an item like this for Tanks in the PC version before.

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fimbulwinter wild rift

Next is the upgrade item from Winter Approach. This item provides the same armor stats and cooldown reduction plus 1150 mana (450 mana from Winter Approach + 700 mana which is a passive bonus.

Fimbulwinter still provides the AWE passive effect plus a new passive effect, namely Frozen Colossus which will be active when you consume mana to immobilize enemy champions. This effect provides a shield for three seconds that absorbs 150 (+5 percent current mana) damage from nearby enemies (10 second cooldown). This effect only activates when you have more than 20 percent max mana.

This item is suitable for tanks that can provide crowd control to enemies and have mana-based skills. Using this item will make the tanks more defensive in the lane and free to use skills with the amount of mana they have.

Make sure you learn all the Wild Rift exclusive items above before starting to try playing in ranked mode.