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arena of Valor download for PC

Arena of Valor Download for PC

Have you ever tried playing the game Garena Arena of Valor – AOV  on your computer or laptop? Currently, there are various Android emulators that can be used to play Arena of Valor on a computer without experiencing problems or lag.

Over many available Android emulators, here we are going to use NOX in order to play Arena of Valor on PC.

Therefore, for you, who do not know how to play Arena of Valor on PC, here we are going to discuss it.

Download Arena of Valor for PC

Arena of Valor is one of the popular DOTA-style MOBA games on Android smartphones. This game carries a 5v5 game with 3 lanes and various forest monsters that you can kill. In addition, the graphics provided are also quite good.

Even though Arena of Valor is a game for smartphones, you can still play this game via a computer or laptop.

Install NOX

  1. Download NOX player and install it on your computer or PC.
  2. You also have to download apk file of Arena of Valor and save it on your PC
  3. After you have installed NOX, drag and drop Arena of Valor apk file to NOX, then install the apk
  4. After it has finished, you have to control it. Here, the following step to control it.

The Way to Control Arena of Valor in NOX

If you control Arena of Valor from a smartphone, you can touch it. When playing on a computer, this method cannot be done, unless your monitor supports touch screens.

To control Arena of Valor on Nox PC, you must set up a virtual keyboard in Nox.

  1. (CTRL+1)
  2. NOX makes it easy for users who want to play Arena of Valor on Nox. There is already a special button available for the Arena of Valor game, then select Apply > Save.
  3. If you feel uncomfortable, you can change the buttons as you like.

Top 10 the Strongest Heroes in Arena of Valor


This hero is often the mainstay of professional gamers in international tournaments. Lauriel’s passive skill makes the enemy’s magic defense not move. In addition, Lauriel has the ability to recover HP and high-damage moves.

aov lauriel

To make Lauriel becomes a deadly hero, you need to balance her abilities with the right build items. You can build items to increase magic power, life steal, and defense abilities, both defense against physical and magical attacks.


This hero is known as a mainstay warrior tank character. The combination of high damage and strong defense makes Maloch a reliable hero. Maloch’s existence will make you superior in team fights.

Maloch’s Cleave skill deals with massive damage and at the same time restores HP. You can also use the Plunder move which restores HP and simultaneously attacks enemies at a distance. Not only that, there is also the ultimate Shock that you can use to attack AOE and give crowd control (CC) effects.


It is known as one of the best hero carry characters. The main reason is because Murad is a capable hero of attacking enemies with very high damage. You can also use Murad for farming or ganking.

murad aov

One of Murad’s main weaknesses is his very low HP. Even so, you don’t need to worry. Moreover, Murad has a move that can make him easily escape. In addition, you can build items to increase their life steal and defense.


This melee hero can be your mainstay if you want to play aggressively and fight on the front lines against enemy heroes. When using Ryoma, you will have an advantage when you duel with enemy heroes who both have melee attacks.

Ryoma is a samurai who uses a weapon in the form of a naginata. This weapon makes him have a relatively farther distance than other melee heroes. Besides that, Ryoma is a hero with short cooldown skills. In addition, his ultimate Spectral Ire has an HP recovery effect.


The strongest AOV hero who is a nightmare for mage and archer type heroes. As an assassin hero, Nakroth is a character who has an advantage in his agile movements. In addition, you will also get other advantages in the form of the ability to attack repeatedly and quickly.

nakroth arena of valor hero

His passive skill makes Nakroth’s normal attacks have a CC effect and simultaneously increases attack speed. You can also use combo skills in order of skill 1 (Jury Fury) – normal attack – ultimate (Judgement’s Blade). Meanwhile, you can save skill 2 (Death Sentence) to chase enemies who are running away.


This hero has a role as a warrior as well as a tank. Therefore, Wiro not only has very strong defensive abilities. However, you can use its high-damage attacks to defeat enemy heroes.

Wiro’s passive ability allows him to recover HP and at the same time be immune to cc attacks. You can use 212 Ax attacks to kill enemy heroes little by little. You can use the Tornado Fist skill to push enemies, dealing damage as well as stun. Finally, you can use the ultimate to get massive damage and blow away enemy heroes.


If you want to fight with a deadly ranged hero, the recommended choice for a strong AOV hero to choose from is Violet. This hero has an advantage in explosive attacks and has high critical damage. Plus, Violet is a character who has high mobility and is able to move swiftly.

Violet’s Tactical Fire move makes Violet’s normal attack increase. You can use Fire In The Hole not only to give damage, but also to cause a slow effect. This second move is also useful when you want to escape. Lastly, there is the ultimate Concussive Rounds move that can be used for team fights.


Butterfly has a characteristic as a hero who doesn’t have mana. Even so, his toughness in battle is no less than other heroes. This hero is capable of dealing great damage and his skills have a relatively short cooldown.

Not quite up there. Butterfly has a passive skill that allows her to activate other skills without waiting for cooldown. This advantage can be obtained by defeating heroes, monsters, or minions. Apart from that, the Backstab Butterfly skill also has an additional effect in the form of HP recovery.

Lu  Bu

Lubu’s advantage lies in its ability to do brawling. You can rely on it when fighting one on one with enemy heroes. Thanks to the self buff skill, you will have no difficulty defeating your opponent.

Lubu doesn’t only have an advantage in brawling. However, you can also use it when doing team fights. Thanks to his life steal ability, Lubu will have no difficulty when fighting against several heroes at once.


This hero has the advantage of being able to move very fast. Thanks to that ability, Flash has high mobility. In addition, Flash has a passive skill that allows him to attack with great damage in a short time. Plus, Flash will be invulnerable when issuing his ultimate.