Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Build Items for Pharsa 2023

One of the most famous heroes in Mobile Legends and often the choice of novice players and even pro players is Pharsa. Not only for regular classic players to rank, pro players in big tournaments also make Pharsa their mainstay hero. Why has Pharsa managed to remain one of the famous players over time? It turns out that the reason is that his skills can have an enormous impact on a match.

Let’s look at the following information for regular players who like to play with Pharsa but don’t know how to turn Pharsa into a hero with deadly damage.

Best Build for Pharsa 2023

build item for Pharsa

Arcane Boots

At the beginning of the game, Pharsa will need a lot of damage in order to avoid enemy attacks with a lot of damage. For that, Pharsa needs Magic Penetration to maximize the damage she has. For this reason, Pharsa needs Arcane Boots. This item will be an item that perfectly suits Pharsa’s needs for Magic Penetration. Apart from that, this item will also provide additional movement speed which can help Pharsa to roam.

Clock of Destiny

Pharsa must increase her HP, Magic Power, and Mana. For that, Clock Destiny is one of the items that will help Pharsa get all of that. Besides that, purchasing Clock Destiny will help Pharsa to increase 25HP and 4 magic power every 20 seconds. This can happen for 12 times. What’s more, this item will provide 300 more mana and 5% magic power.

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Lightning Truncheon

Pharsa needs Lightning Truncheon in Mid game. This is because this item can be a tool that helps Pharsa to increase Magic Power, cooldown reduction, and maximize mana. In addition, using this item will increase the magic damage that Pharsa issues to attack enemies after she uses her skills.

Genius Wand

This item has a passive which will help Pharsa to reduce Magic Defense by 10 points when she is attacking enemies. Even though this is not the most popular item for Pharsa, the presence of this item will be very useful for increasing magic power, movement speed, and magic penetration.
With the help of this item, Pharsa can still attack enemies who have magic defense even with great damage.

Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal is an item that must be obtained to strengthen Pharsa’s damage output and magic power. This item will provide an additional 100 magic power and 35% magic power from its passive.

Divine Glaive

If you already have the Holy Crystal, the next item that you must have is the Divine Glaive. This is one of the items with the best magic penetration that Pharsa can use. This item will increase 40% magic penetration and provide additional damage that scales with the target’s magic defense.

Best Emblem for Pharsa

best emblem for Pharsa

Mage Emblem Set

Pharsa is a hero who deals great damage to enemies, therefore, she must have this mage emblem set. Below are some recommendations for upgrading talents for Pharsa.


This talent upgrade can increase Pharsa’s cooldown reduction by up to 5%. For that reason, this uograde is perfect for Pharsa. Pharsa doesn’t need to worry about the cooldown reduction he gets from the early game if he has upgraded this talent.

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You can consider upgrading second tier talent to get Observation. This talent upgrade can provide an additional 2 points of magic penetration at each level.

Mystery Shop

This item is recommended so that players can buy the item at 90% of the original price. If that happens, then Pharsa will have much faster core items.

Pharsa’s Abilities

Pharsa ability

Passive – Spiritual Unity

Verri will enter the hunting state after Pharsa attacks her enemy every 8 seconds. Verri’s attacks will result in additional magic damage which is enough to slow down enemy attacks by 60% for 1 second.

Skill 1 – Curse of Crow

Pharsa will cast a spell on her enemy. This spell will produce considerable magic damage. Damage received by the enemy is applied within the area of effect and marks the enemy for 4 seconds. Besides that, the use of this skill will also give a stun effect to the target for 1 second.

Skill 2 – Energy Impact

harsa gives a wave of magic energy to all enemies in her path.

Ultimate – Feathered Air Strike

This is the ultimate. What players like the most from Pharsa. This skill will deal enormous damage to the target for up to 4 rounds in the next 8 seconds. When using this ultimate skill, Pharsa will jump into the air and launch this deadly attack.

Additional Skill – Wings by Wings

This skill will change Pharsa’s form so that she can move much faster for 5 seconds. This skill will decrease when Pharsa uses her skill to launch an attack, is hit by an attack from an opponent, and when this skill’s duration runs out.

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