Several Tips to Play Mobile Legends for Beginners

For previous MOBA players, mastering Mobile Legends is not a difficult matter. However, for players who have never tried playing the MOBA genre, of course they will be quite overwhelmed at the start of the game. Mobile legends have been around for several years. During that time, this game underwent a lot of changes which are certainly enough to make players who rarely play it confused. However, basically, this game is not a difficult game to play if you understand the basics of the game.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang always upgrades from time to time. This update will certainly have an impact on changing gameplay. For example, in previous years, mid-lane was ruled by Marksman, but in recent years until recently, mid-lane was ruled by Mages. In addition, there is also one big change that is very striking, namely regarding roaming and jungling.
For this reason, here we describe a number of things that you must understand as a basis before playing the game.

Understanding Roaming and Jungling

MLBB jungling and roaming


When roaming, heroes who attack creeps and minions will not get Gold and EXP from them. This will happen in the first nine minutes. If during roaming an ally approaches, the gold and exp will be given to the ally with the lowest amount of gold and exp. Under normal conditions, there is only one roam item ready for each team. Apart from that, those who usually use roam items are Tanks and Support.

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When Jungling, heroes will get 25% more Gold and EXP if they manage to kill creeps. Jungling can also reduce 50% of the gold and EXP that players get from killing minions. Basically, there may be more than one jungler in a team, but actually this is not recommended. Usually Jungling is done by assassins, fighters, and marksmen.

Maximizing Hero’s Skill Correctly

tips to play mlbb

Before playing a hero in a rank match, a player should study and read the skills possessed by that hero first. However, usually gamers will feel lazy to read. Therefore, this game also provides a Training Ground that can be used to conduct trials on the heroes that will be played.

Some skills might be easy to use because they will definitely hit your opponent. However, players will find some skills that require them to aim at their opponent before releasing the skill. They have to aim at the opponent first to be able to provide maximum damage. For players who have the ability to predict enemy movements, this will be very easy to do.

Against Enemy Equipment

equipments mlbb

During the match, each player has unlimited access to monitor each opponent’s equipment. New players might not notice this, but it’s actually a very important habit to get into. In order to have a qualified playing ability, you have to get used to it.

For example, if the enemies you face are mostly magical heroes, then magic defense will increase their survival significantly. Besides that, if the enemy uses magic defense, then a mage on your team is advised to buy some magic-related equipment so that they can ignore the attacks that the opposing party will carry out.

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Understanding the Role

There are six roles in mobile legends, each role must be on the right path to maximize their performance.


Normally, these mages would be advised to take the middle path. This is because they will have easy access to the top and bottom lanes.


Marksman needs a lot of gold to be able to buy equipment. Lots of equipment will help marksman become a deadly hero in a fight. Therefore, they needed to head towards the gold lane.


Fighter must be able to try to level up quickly. For that, they have to go to the EXP lane.


Most assassins would choose to immediately go into the jungle.

Tank and Support

These Tanks and Supports are needed to help their teammates. Therefore, they had to go around to be able to easily help their teammates.

Buffs and Creeps

creeps and buff MLBB

As with MOBA games in general, there are several buffs that players can take advantage of. There are two types of buffs that beginners must understand first. First, there is a blue buff that can provide cooldowns and reduce mana costs. Secondly, there is a red buff that slows down enemy movements and deals more damage. Disamping itu, ada dua creep lain yang memberikan buff yang lebih kecil. Mereka adalah Crab dan Lithowanderer.

The crab gives at least 10 gold every three seconds for every hero who kills it. If a hero manages to kill a Lithowanderer, then he will be followed by Walkie Grass. This Walkie Grass will restore 1% mana every second to the closest enemy.

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Level up to Unlock Battle Spell

For beginners, they will find most of the Battle Spells locked. The last Battle Spell can be unlocked at level 23. However, there are two of the most popular spells among all the existing spells, namely Flameshot and Flicker. They will be unlocked at levels 17 and 19.

Flicker is very useful for quickly escaping from enemies who are targeting us. Besides that, Flicker is also very useful when you want to chase enemies. You can double EXP to be able to level up faster.

Pay Attention to the Tower

Playing Mobile Legends is not just playing a game. There will be a score to determine which player is superior to the others. Currently, the ADC unit is the most superior because it can kill many enemies. Unfortunately, this fact will make some heroes focus on the number of kills available. Because basically, this game is a game to destroy the opponent’s tower. So if you want to win, never forget to destroy the tower.

Understanding Minion Lane

In general, there is no significant difference between minions in MLBB and minions in other MOBA games. However, there are currently two different paths that provide more Gold and EXP. Siege Minion on this lane will give extra 50% more EXP. Besides that, on the Gold line, the hero will get a 50% gold bonus. Under normal conditions, Marksman will go to the Gold line, while the EXP area will be guarded by Fighters.