Nunu Wild Rift Champions Build : 6 Runes Recommendation

Nunu Wild Rift Champions Build: Dominate the Jungle with Yeti and Boy Wonder

Best Guide: Nunu Wild Rift Champions Build

Nunu Wild Rift Champions Build : 6 Runes Recommendation
Nunu Willump
Build Guide for Wild Rift

Welcome to our in-depth guide on Nunu, the Boy Wonder, and his wild rift champions build in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Nunu is a versatile and strategic jungler who brings a unique combination of crowd control, sustain, and objective control to the Summoner’s Rift. In this article, we will explore the optimal build, runes, and playstyle for Nunu, enabling you to dominate the jungle and lead your team to victory. So, buckle up and get ready to harness the power of Yeti and Boy Wonder!

1. Nunu: The Boy Wonder

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of Nunu wild rift champions build, let’s take a closer look at the champion himself. Nunu is a young and resourceful champion, accompanied by his faithful yeti friend, Willump. Together, they form a formidable duo, wreaking havoc in the jungle and providing immense utility to their team.

1.1 Lore and Background

In the lore of League of Legends, Nunu is a young boy from the Freljord who stumbled upon a magical yeti named Willump. The two formed an unbreakable bond and embarked on a series of adventures, leaving their mark on the frozen lands. Nunu’s playful and adventurous nature combined with Willump’s immense power make them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

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1.2 Role and Playstyle

Nunu is primarily played as a jungler in Wild Rift, focusing on controlling neutral objectives, providing crowd control, and supporting his team. His playstyle revolves around utilizing his abilities to disrupt the enemy team, secure objectives, and peel for his carries. Nunu’s unique mechanic involves channeling his ultimate ability, Absolute Zero, which deals massive damage to enemies caught within its radius.

2. Nunu’s Wild Rift Champions Build

Now that we understand the essence of Nunu, let’s explore the optimal build for him in Wild Rift. It’s essential to choose the right items to maximize Nunu’s potential and fulfill his role as a jungle control specialist.

2.1 Core Items

When it comes to Nunu’s core items, there are a few essential choices that synergize well with his kit:

    1. 1. Enchantment: Cinderhulk

The Cinderhulk enchantment is a must-have for Nunu. It provides bonus health, which complements his passive ability, Visionary, and allows him to stay tanky throughout the game. The additional bonus damage to monsters helps Nunu clear the jungle camps efficiently.

    1. 2. Boots of Mobility

As a jungler, Nunu’s mobility is crucial for effective map control and ganking. Boots of Mobility provide enhanced movement speed, allowing him to traverse the map quickly and surprise enemies with unexpected ganks.

    1. 3. Knight’s Vow

Knight’s Vow is an excellent item for Nunu to support his team and enhance his survivability. It provides bonus armor, health, and a unique passive that redirects a portion of the damage dealt to his linked ally to himself. This item synergizes well with Nunu’s role as a frontline tank and support.

    1. 4. Spirit Visage

Spirit Visage is a core defensive item for Nunu, providing bonus magic resistance and increased healing from all sources. Since Nunu relies on his sustain and healing from Consume and his passive, this item greatly enhances his survivability and ability to soak up damage.

    1. 5. Warmog’s Armor
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Warmog’s Armor is a late-game item that further enhances Nunu’s tankiness and sustain. With its passive, Nunu can rapidly regenerate health when out of combat, allowing him to quickly return to the battlefield after skirmishes or sieges.

    1. 6. Thornmail

Thornmail is a situational item that can be highly effective against teams with heavy physical damage or champions reliant on healing. Its passive reflects a portion of damage taken from basic attacks, making Nunu even tankier and discouraging enemies from focusing him.

2.2 Runes

When it comes to runes, Nunu benefits from a combination of Resolve and Inspiration, which further enhance his tankiness and utility:

  • 1. Grasp of the Undying: Grasp of the Undying is a keystone rune that provides bonus damage and healing based on Nunu’s maximum health. It synergizes perfectly with his tanky playstyle and allows him to trade effectively in the early game.
  • 2. Font of Life: Font of Life is a secondary rune that triggers when Nunu immobilizes an enemy champion. It heals his allies and enhances their sustain during skirmishes and team fights, making Nunu a valuable asset to any team composition.
  • 3. Bone Plating: Bone Plating is another secondary rune that reduces incoming damage from enemy abilities. It provides extra survivability for Nunu during early-game trades and engages.
  • 4. Revitalize: Revitalize amplifies healing and shielding effects, benefiting Nunu’s sustain and his ability to protect his team with Blood Boil and his ultimate ability, Absolute Zero.
  • 5. Hexflash: Hexflash is an inspiration rune that grants Nunu the ability to flash over walls or surprise enemies with unexpected engages. It adds an element of unpredictability to his ganks and can catch opponents off guard.
  • 6. Magical Footwear: Magical Footwear provides Nunu with free boots at a later stage of the game, saving him gold and allowing him to invest in other core items more quickly.

3. FAQs

3.1 Q: What is the recommended skill order for Nunu?

A: The recommended skill order for Nunu is to max Q (Consume) first, followed by E (Snowball Barrage), and then W (Blood Boil). Of course, always prioritize leveling up your ultimate, Absolute Zero, whenever possible.

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3.2 Q: Should I always start at the Red Buff when playing Nunu?

A: While starting at Red Buff is a common strategy for many junglers, Nunu has the flexibility to start at either Red Buff or Blue Buff, depending on the situation. Consider factors such as the enemy jungler, your team composition, and the lanes you plan to prioritize for ganks when deciding where to start.

3.3 Q: How should I use Nunu’s ultimate, Absolute Zero, effectively?

A: Nunu’s ultimate is a game-changer in team fights and objective contests. To use it effectively, try to position yourself in a concealed area or use crowd control abilities to keep enemies within its radius. Timing is crucial, so be patient and wait for the opportune moment to channel Absolute Zero and unleash devastating damage on your foes.

3.4 Q: Are there any specific jungle routes I should follow as Nunu?

A: Nunu’s versatile kit allows him to adapt to various jungle routes. A popular route is to start at the Red Buff or Blue Buff, clear the adjacent camps, and then secure the Scuttle Crab for vision and experience. From there, you can transition into ganking or continue farming the jungle based on the state of the game.

3.5 Q: Can Nunu solo objectives like the Dragon or Baron Nashor?

A: Yes, Nunu excels at securing objectives due to his consume ability, which allows him to deal massive true damage to neutral monsters. With smite and proper coordination with your team, Nunu can easily solo Dragon and Baron Nashor, or quickly secure them with the help of your teammates.

3.6 Q: How can I maximize Nunu’s utility in team fights?

A: In team fights, Nunu’s primary goal is to disrupt the enemy team and protect his carries. Use your Snowball Barrage (E) to slow enemies and engage with Absolute Zero to force them to reposition or face heavy damage. Additionally, Blood Boil your AD carry or high-damage champions to enhance their attack speed and movement speed, allowing them to deal significant damage while staying safe.

4. Conclusion

Congratulations! You’ve now learned the ins and outs of Nunu’s wild rift champions build. With the right items, runes, and playstyle, Nunu can become an unstoppable force in the jungle, controlling objectives, initiating fights, and supporting his team. Remember to adapt your build and playstyle based on the game’s circumstances, and always communicate and coordinate with your teammates to secure victory. So, go out there, channel your inner Boy Wonder, and dominate the Summoner’s Rift!