The Strongest Build Item for Zed, LoL Wild Rift 2023

Zed is one of the strongest champions in League of Legends. He currently makes the enemies fear because of his abilities. It is not because of the wide area of effect. This champion becomes very strong because of the damage output that can destroy the opponent’s defense. Zed produces speed and combos that can also make him become stronger.

zed LoL League of Legends

Interestingly, Zed’s ultimate, Death Mark, is able to make the enemies not able to target this champion for 3,5 seconds. This ultimate also has a very large damage output, even it can also defeatĀ  ADC or MM heroes. Not only to fill the Jungle role but this champ can also be great to fill solo lanes such as Mid or Baron Lane. With such advantages offered by this champ, many players really want to master Zed.

The best player who uses this champion has interesting build items that will help you in mastering him.

Zed build items League of Legends


Youmuu’s GhostbladeBoots of Speed

This is the first item you must have. This item can add 50 damage attack and 10% cool down reduction. In addition, this item will also give +10 penetration armor effect. Moreover, when you have raised 100 attack, you will get 50 move speed. You will also get many more advantages that can make Zed be stronger and stronger.

Duskblade of Draktharr

This item will give the player 40 movement speed and 10 magic resistance. This item also give an effect that can reduce some debuff like stun, slow, taunts, fear, silence, blind and immobilize about 30%. Then, it will also increase 15 % movement speed in 3 seconds. Unfortunately, when you get damage, it will remove this item.

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Black Cleaver

It will increase 350 max health, 30 damage attack, adn 20% cooldown reduction. Moreover, it will also give physical damage attack that can reduce the enemy’s armor about 4% in 6 seconds.

Death Dance

Zed will get 300 max health, 35 damage attack, and 10% cooldown reduction. Then Zed will also get 10% physical vamp effect. Then if you get 30% damage from the enemy, that effect will give Zed a bleed ability for 3 seconds.

Guardian Angel

This one item is also quite important because it will add 45 attack damage and 40 armor. Then the effect given is to restore 50% base health and 30% mana after four seconds. The cooldown of this effect is 180 seconds.

Quicksilver Enchant

An enchant item that is quite important for Zed to have. Yes, you can buy this item early in the game to get Quicksilver stats.

This effect allows Zed to remove all crowd control effects that hit you. Then your speed increases by 50% for 1.5 seconds. Cooldown of this item is 1.5 seconds.


This is a keystone which usually can help Zed to have high burst damage through skills. Electrocute will activate when you successfully attack the opposing Champion using basic attacks or skills three times — which, if activated, will deal surprise damage.

  • Electrocute
  • Champion
  • Regeneration
  • Sweet Tooth

This combination of runes is intended for those of you who want additional damage and endurance or resilience thanks to runes Regeneration.


Spells are special universal abilities that players can choose before the game starts. The main difference is that runes give passive effects under certain conditions, whereas spells must be activated manually, and will experience a long cooldown afterwards.

  • Flash
  • Ignite
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This build is intended for those of you who want to fill solo lanes like Mid or Baron Lane.

GridGames assesses that the build used by this player is somewhat unique. He is more concerned with CD Reduction than the damage output that Zed can get out to the fullest. This was done, possibly because Zed has skills with old CDs, so he anticipates it with the CD Reduction item.

For the record, Zed’s build isn’t fully optimal for use in all match situations.