What is League of Legends?

What is League of Legends?, League of Legends, is one of the most popular games in the world. League of Legends has been played by millions of players every day. In 2016, there were 396 million people watched the world-class tournament of League of Legends which is held for about five weeks. Briefly, if you want to play League of Legends, The first thing you have to do is understand the game itself. This article will show you completely about League of Legends. Check this out!!!

What is League of Legends

League of Legends as known as LoL, is a multiplayer online battle game that can be played on the platform operating system of windows and Mac OS. It is a Free-to-Play game. It means you do not need to pay to play this game. However, in this game itself, when you have played it, you are able to use the money to buy some items in order to make the characters become stronger.

In addition, before playing this game, each player should create an account that can be known by the other players. Then, these players will play in a group consisting of five players on each team. Then, each player will choose a character of champion that will be used during the game. There are more than one hundred champions that can be chosen for free by the whole players. In each round, there will be two teams that will fight each other. The game will end in 20-50 minutes. For certain games, it can be more than 1 hour.

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The Purpose of the Game (League of Legends)

league of legends

Basically, this game is aimed to protect the base from the enemy attacks and at the same time the team have to attack the enemy’s base in order to be the winner. Each team has a building which is called Nexus. The game will end if you can destroy the enemy’s Nexus.

league of legends nexus

Nexus itself, is also guarded by two turrets or towers or we can call them Nexus Towers.  These two towers will attack everything that can destroy Nexus. In addition, there are also three tracks or lanes that can connect you to Nexus. They are Top Lane, Bottom Lane, and Mid Lane.

In each lane, you will find a turret which protect an inhibitor or we can call it Inhib Turret. In order to attack Nexus, you have to destroy this Inhib Turret first.  A little closer to the base, there is an inner turret or second tier turret. You have to destroy this turret first, before you attack inhibitor turret.

At the end, there is outer turret or first tier turret. You also have to destroy this turret before attacking the inner turret. Every view minutes, some minions will appear on the way to lane. They will attack everything in front of them. It can be the Champion, enemy’s minions, and also enemy’s turrets. Next, the team who can destroy inhibitor turret will send super minions in 5 minutes who will give more powerful attack to enemy.

league of legends

What is Champion

lol champion

Champion is an individual unit who is controlled by the players. Each team will have five champions to be controlled. Interestingly, you cannot choose same champion who has been chosen by another team.

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These are the characteristics of Champions:

  • It is controlled by Players
  • Automatically attack
  • Having abilities

What is Roles

Top Laner

As the name implies, this role plays on the top lane while using a champion with high survival resistance. The task of this role is to protect the team from strong enemy attacks due to the map design factor, where top laners are usually isolated from the team. It is in the middle of the game that top laners start joining the team.

Mid Laner

This role plays in the middle lane and is often seen as the star of a team. Due to the very strategic mid position, they can go anywhere to help the team. Generally, the champions used in the mid lane are ones that can kill enemy champions quickly and frequently, which usually rely on abilities rather than auto-attack.

AD Carry

It stands for Attack Damage Carry. This role usually plays on the bottom lane and uses champions who are capable of dealing massive damage to the opposing team. This role will be realized through champions who rely on auto-attacks with ranged attacks. Just like role mages, the AD Carry role must also be well protected from attacks by the enemy team.


Role support focuses on helping champions who walk with him on the lane. At the beginning of the game, this role will help while maintaining the AD Carry role. However, as the game progresses, this role will later go around to help other team members.

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Roaming around in the jungle zone from the start of the game specifically to kill monsters. Besides hunting jungle creatures, there is also a side job, namely ganking. Ganking is a term that describes when champion 1 of a team comes to another lane to help their champion friends. Usually to defeat enemy champions.

What is visions

Vision is a crucial strategic aspect, especially in professional-scale matches. Vision provides information about the whereabouts of enemies so that anticipation of their movements can be prepared in advance.

This vision circle is limited by the existence of walls or walls/obstacles. If you are walking alone in the middle of the jungle, don’t feel safe too quickly, because the enemy team might be hiding behind the existing walls.

Apart from walls, there are also large grasses (also known as brushes) scattered across the map. This brush can also be used as a hiding place. When hiding in the brush, the enemy cannot see the champion who is hiding except by walking into it.

Apart from only relying on 1 team unit scattered on the map, there is still a way to get vision. Each champion can bring wards. These Wards can be placed in a number of places on the map. These wards act like teammates and provide vision of an area for 3 minutes.